Using social media to build a following for her business, Brittney Castro teaches clients how to build wealth by managing money. Brittney specializes in working with entrepreneurial professionals, who are passionate about life and want… View Post

Storm Deisel is on the rise

Storm Deisel is on the rise After discovering his love for music at a young age, Storm Deisel created a space in the industry and he’s bringing the storm.  Storm Deisel began his journey in a local dance club, where he… View Post

Natural Born Warrior, Chen Tang

Natural Born Warrior, Chen Tang Disney+ has finally released the live-adaptation of the 1998-animated Mulan, a movie we’ve all long-awaited. Lapalme Magazine was lucky enough to sit down with Chen Tang, the man behind the sarcastic, but lovable soldier sidekick,… View Post

Ariel Rose, “Somebody Loves You”

Ariel Rose, “Somebody Loves You” No surprise to anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on the mental well-being of people all around the world. Musician Ariel Rose transformed her gloom into inspiration for her latest single,… View Post

Ella Issacson, Expectations

Ella Issacson, Expectations Ella Issacson recently released a new single, Expectations with Gallant. Lapalme Magazine was able to sit down and discuss her start in music and what keeps her motivated. Where are you from, and how would… View Post

Sebastien Lagree, the future of fitness

Sebastien Lagree, the future of fitness Sebastien Lagree is the man behind the famous Lagree Fitness Method. His passion for fitness came early with an addiction to weightlifting at 13 years old, evolving into personal training, and eventually designing a machine… View Post

Our Love Is Beautiful, Ethan Gold

Our Love Is Beautiful, Ethan Gold Ethan Gold dreams of music. Yes, I literally mean music comes to him in a dream. That’s not the only unique thing about Ethan. His approach to music is like no other. Ethan was born… View Post

Haley Reinhart: Piece of My Heart

Haley Reinhart: Piece of My Heart American singer/songwriter Haley Reinhart garnered our attention after rising to fame after placing third in the tenth season of American Idol. Haley’s debut album Listen Up! was released on May 22, 2012, catapulting Haley to… View Post

Super bloom, Tara Beier

Super bloom, Tara Beier Born in Vancouver, Canada, Tara Beier was immersed in music and creativity since a young child. Tara began playing classical piano at five years old and continued to play for 13 years. Now, Tara has… View Post

Travis Demetri – “DO I EVER”

Travis Demetri – “DO I EVER”  You may have heard of Travis Demetri while watching Signal 23 TV’s The Boyz Next Door: NYC, maybe you saw Travis on television in a Sour Patch Kids commercial, or even watched him perform at… View Post