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Skylar Stecker: The One to watch

Skylar Stecker: The One to watch

 Skylar’s first memory of music brings us to the backseat of her mother’s car, singing Beyoncé to her grandfather over the phone. Fitting, right? 

At just 19 years old, Skylar has an outstanding resumé. From taking the stage at the Today Show and shooting to the top of the Billboard Dance Charts, to mastering vocal production and guitar, Skylar proves she has no plans of slowing down. When the country shut down last year during the pandemic, Skylar shifted her focus from a long “to-do” list, to teaching herself to vocal produce and produce. 

“Learning this has helped me in so many ways; starting with no having to wait for any others to create. I can do most of it myself, which allows me to be creative and productive all of the time.” 

As a young adult in the industry, Skylar focuses on who she is and remaining positive amidst all the negative things people may say. “I love what I do so I don’t feel pressure, other than the pressure to stay creatively open. At times, I am my own best friend, but I can also be my biggest critic.” 

Since becoming an independent artist three years ago, Skylars inspiration for her latest projects come from her personal life experience. “With Redemption, I was not in a good place and needed to clear the air of all my past hurt and disappointment. However, with Earth Signs, I was writing from a good place; as a young woman falling in love. The two projects derived from completely different experiences and inspirations; both equally important for me to write about.” 

As a young woman in the music industry, Skylar was able to soak up knowledge and experience without any judgement where she was creatively. 

“I explored different genres while also continuing to hone in on my writing and my vocal skills.” 

Skylar’s single Questions is special because she wrote it alone during the quarantine with someone special in mind. “The words and melodies just fly out of me effortlessly and I was able to finish it in one day. I want my listeners to enjoy the feeling of the song. It has a very sensual vibe that taps inot the feelings we all get at the beginning of a relationship.” 

You can keep up with Skylar on instagram @Skylarstecker 

 Photo credits 

Photography: Kigon Kwak 

Makeup: Pheobe Dawson 

Hair: Scott King 

Stylist: Brandon Nicholas