Our Love Is Beautiful, Ethan Gold

Our Love Is Beautiful, Ethan Gold Ethan Gold dreams of music. Yes, I literally mean music comes to him in a dream. That’s not the only unique thing about Ethan. His approach to music is like no other. Ethan was born… View Post

Haley Reinhart: Piece of My Heart

Haley Reinhart: Piece of My Heart American singer/songwriter Haley Reinhart garnered our attention after rising to fame after placing third in the tenth season of American Idol. Haley’s debut album Listen Up! was released on May 22, 2012, catapulting Haley to… View Post

Super bloom, Tara Beier

Super bloom, Tara Beier Born in Vancouver, Canada, Tara Beier was immersed in music and creativity since a young child. Tara began playing classical piano at five years old and continued to play for 13 years. Now, Tara has… View Post

Travis Demetri – “DO I EVER”

Travis Demetri – “DO I EVER”  You may have heard of Travis Demetri while watching Signal 23 TV’s The Boyz Next Door: NYC, maybe you saw Travis on television in a Sour Patch Kids commercial, or even watched him perform at… View Post

Julie Mintz – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Julie Mintz – Take Me Home, Country Roads The music video for the Julie Mintz cover of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” takes the viewer into Virtual Reality 360, riding along with Julie Mintz on a deserted country road, taking in the scenery… View Post


SUNSHINE SHEN – RAY OF LIGHT  After moving to Los Angeles, Sunshine Shen pursued her dream of becoming a Playboy Playmate and centerfold. Shortly after becoming close with Hugh Hefner, Sunshine was published three times in Playboy and graced the cover… View Post


NOLAN CARROLL – NEW BEGINNINGS Growing up in Green Cove Springs, FL, Nolan Carroll was born to be an athlete. His military parents kept him out of football as long as they could, and instead encouraged Nolan to try soccer… View Post

S.K.A.M Artist Management and the Rise of Sujit Kundu

S.K.A.M Artist Management and the Rise of Sujit Kundu Sujit Kundu channeled his love for music into becoming a successful DJ talent manager, promoter, and recording executive with a long list of clients including Lil Jon, Caroline D’Amore, Amber Rose, Tyson Beckford and dozens… View Post

Up Next: Bella Podaras

Up Next: Bella Podaras Born in Houston, Texas, Bella Podaras began taking Broadway and Theater classes at the age of 3 and developed her love for singing and dancing over the next 6 years. At just 9 years old,… View Post

Inside: Brandon Wilson

Inside: Brandon Wilson You have yourself in many different projects,  writer, director, technologies, real estate. Who is Brandon Wilson? Brandon Wilson is just a guy trying to make his entrepreneurial foot print significant. He has a lot of… View Post