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New Music Friday: Rising Artist Jessica Carter Altman Unveils  “Fake It”

New Music Friday: Rising Artist Jessica Carter Altman Unveils  “Fake It”

Prepare to be enchanted once more as the multifaceted singer-songwriter Jessica Carter Altman releases her latest single, “Fake It,” out today! Exploring the depths of imposter syndrome, Altman’s poignant lyrics and infectious melodies invite listeners on a journey of self-discovery and authenticity. The track, available on all streaming platforms via Symphonic, promises to captivate audiences worldwide with Altman’s emotive vocals and insightful songwriting.

“‘Fake It’ is one of my favorite songs on the album,” says Altman, reflecting on its inspiration. “It was inspired by a class title at the University of Michigan Law School, ‘Faking It.’ The principles taught conveyed the fear of being one’s authentic self, which resonated deeply with me. I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome, and I wanted this song to shed light on that struggle and set us all free from it.”

Set to be featured on her upcoming EP, “Aftermath II,” set to release on May 3rd, Altman promises a collection of songs that push the boundaries of her artistry while staying true to her signature style. Each track embodies a piece of her journey, weaving themes of love, loss, and resilience together to inspire listeners to embrace vulnerability.

As part of her musical journey, Altman will embark on a tour, with performances scheduled across major cities. Her upcoming performance at Carroll Place in NYC on April 4th kicks off the tour, followed by dates in Atlanta on April 16th and Nashville on April 17th, where she will share the stage with the reunited multi-platinum-selling English pop group, BBMAK. Additionally, Altman’s tour includes dates opening for singer/songwriter Tyler Hilton, known for his role in The CW’s “One Tree Hill.”

Tour Dates:

  • April 4th: Carroll Place, NYC
  • April 16th: Atlanta
  • April 17th: Nashville (with BBMAK)
  • May 5th: Boston, City Winery
  • May 6th: NYC, City Winery Loft
  • May 7th: Philadelphia, City Winery Loft
  • May 8th: Vienna, VA, Jammin’ Java

Altman’s tour promises to be her most significant yet, offering fans a chance to experience her captivating performances and heartfelt music live on stage.For more information on Jessica Carter Altman, including tour dates and new music releases, visit her official website www.jessicacarteraltman.com and follow her on Instagram @jessica.carter.altman.