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Jaidyn Triplett – Far more than meets the eye.

Jaidyn Triplett – Far more than meets the eye.

Actress/Singer Jaidyn Triplett: Her New Single ENOUGH, Her Love for Fashion and Skincare, Advocating for Mental Health Through Music, and Staying Grounded

  While you may recognize her from hit series like Paramount + ‘s  iCarly opposite Miranda Cosgrove, as well as Apple TV’s SEE, and ABC’s STATION 19, just to mention a few, Jaidyn is well on her way to making a name for herself as one of today’s most sought after multi-faceted performers.  A talented songstress with a mission to empower others, her music touches the soul while also spreading awareness for important issues like mental health. Her latest drop, ENOUGH, is a letter to hold your self-worth in knowing who you are, not in what others have to say about you. We had the opportunity to chat with Jaidyn about her powerful new song, as well as her go-to style, her favorite getaways, and what’s to come next…

Your new song, Enough, is a letter to hold your self-worth in knowing who you are… Why was it important for you to get this message out there?

“Mental health has always been something I enjoy speaking about. It’s something I want to drive more awareness to. Dealing with work and school, it all gets overwhelming. I had to learn how to calm down and analyze the situation. Mental health can affect everything from your behavior to your grades in school,  so I learned to reach out for help and that was definitely a big obstacle. I want to make it easier for other kids my age to do so too.”

In this digital age, social media is such a prevalent part of everyone’s lives. Do you feel like it plays an important role in your work as a creative?

“Social media is a great place to build your reputation and your image. I think that expressing myself on social media gave people a more intimate look into my personal life, not just the roles I’ve played on TV and in films. Both of my songs have done incredibly well on social media too. 

You’re also working on releasing your first EP. What can you tell us about it?

“Yes, so this EP will include 4 songs. 2 of which have been released, TORNADO and BOPSTAR. I’ve been anticipating this for a while, and I can’t wait for the release. The third single, ENOUGH is set to release October 20th and the Music Video will release the next day on the 21st.  On this EP, I will be exploring different genres, and I can’t wait to find out which one is everyone’s favorite.”

Clothing can be such a tool for self-expression. Why should we be unafraid to dress outside of the current trends?

“It’s always been a goal of mine to dress outside of the trends. Wear what you enjoy and what makes you feel like you! I spent a lot of time dressing for other people, and now I’m dressing for myself, and I couldn’t be happier!”

When you aren’t busy on set or in the recording studio, you love traveling. What are some of your favorite destinations?

“We often visit Puerto Rico, and we just went to our hometown in Ohio.” I really love going to Hawaii, and Miami was extremely fun because of the food. The weather wasn’t the best when I went though…haha. Traveling is so much fun when you get to explore new places, try new food, and learn about other cultures.”

What products are a must for your carry-on?

“When traveling I absolutely need my ENTIRE skincare routine, my headphones, laptop, as well as a pair of my favorite comfy pj’s and at least 2x the amount of clothes I actually need… because you just never know. 😅”

What can you not travel without?

 “I cannot travel without my phone and my air pods– they are must-haves!  They’re the only thing that can get me through a long flight.  Also, plenty of snacks! My appetite is intense when in the air!”

 As we near the end of 2023 are there any goals you hope to accomplish?

“I would love to create more music outside of the genres I’ve done before as well as expanding my baking business. Right now, I sell my gourmet cheesecakes and other desserts to friends and family. I’d love to be able to ship and sell cheesecakes to more people including fans that want to try!”

Do you have anything else coming down the pipeline that you can tease?

“Yeah! So I have a horror film coming out next year called “Hauntology.”  I play the lead character, Venus, who is a confused but kind teen just trying to figure out who they are.  It’s a wonderful story for people feeling similarly to them. My Next Single, Enough is available everywhere on October 20th.  Also, a lot more music and exploring different genres. Look forward to some more bops coming your way!! 

Jaidyn will release her first EP on November 17th which will include a new song, GONE WITH THE WIND.

Photographer: Terekah Najuwan