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“Blow your mind, not your hair”

“Blow your mind, not your hair”

I’m a stranger to all things “girly.” I do not spend hours daily fixing my hair or makeup and you’ll hardly ever find my finger nails painted. I’m always searching for a way to style my hair that cuts back on time and it finally seems like my prayers were answered with the RevAir reverse-air hair dryer.  

RevAir uses a ‘Reverse-Air’ process that keeps all the heat inside of the wand, instead of blowing it onto your scalp. This is truly a revolutionary way to think about hair dryers. RevAir literally sucks your hair into the barrel and then moves the heat in the natural direction of your hairs’ cuticles helping to smooth it. You won’t feel it but the tension in the barrel around your hair actually does the straightening, eliminating the added damage of pulling and brush bristles.   

While all the parts of the dryer look complicated at first glance, it took less than five minutes for me to assemble it. I was apprehensive it would pull my hair (and I’d never see it again), but instead my hair didn’t feel damaged at all. It went from towel-dried hair to silky straight. It’s a really enjoyable feeling when it gently sucks your hair into the tube. The user can choose from many settings, such as your power level and temperature setting. You will want to start at 2 and work your way up until you find the perfect level for your hair. Even on the high setting, you’re only using about 800 watts which is less than half of the average blow dryer.  

Whats in the box: the box includes the unit, a carrying bag, really nice hair clips for sectioning, and for a limited time – the Grip Wand holder for free with purchase. The company has put a lot of thought into the reverse-air hair dryer because the packaging is perfect and the quality meets the price point.  

The RevAir can be found at the REVAIR site or on Amazon. It is priced at $399, but if interested there is an optional payment plan via PayPal. There are accessories available such a wand holder, RevAir branded clips and more to complete your RevAir experience. 

I’d recommend the RevAir as a reliable styling tool that will save you time and stress on your hair. It’s easy to use at home, even a professional stylist could reap the same benefits I have.