From modeling, commercials, music videos to film; Erik Fellows knows how to do more than just “stay afloat” in the entertainment industry. We had a chance to catch up with Fellows shortly after wrapping his latest film project “Break Even” Movie to find out just how this tenacious actor remains “booked and busy” while seemingly “unbothered”. 

You have a pretty impressive resume that covers several aspects of the entertainment industry. How did you get into acting? 

I kinda fell into film…I started off with modeling at 19. A friend was babysitting and the mother asked if I would be interested in modeling. I had no idea (what modeling would be like). I grew up in sports all through school. She sent me to a meeting with an agency in Georgetown, DC and I started doing print work. I never initially aspired to be an actor. I remember walking out of a drama class in high school! I did really well in modeling so I moved to New York. They said I was too short or too commercial. I went to a casting with Nole’ Marin, he shaved my head and sent me back to all the agencies that rejected me and they loved it! Over the course of a year (while) modeling they urged me to act based on me having a charismatic personality. This time I was open to it. So it started off as a referral that turned into a passion. 

Wow! Can you tell us a bit about your acting journey? 

My first auditions were in New York. I was going in for big studio films right away; tv series etc at 20 years old! I was still quite green. When it came down to casting bigger names of course they choose the big name but I still received a lot of opportunities. September 11th slowed things down. I moved back to Maryland for a bit. I had a friend who had moved to LA so I moved in with them and signed with Innovative Artists in LA and started auditioning for big things really quickly. I had lots of big chances really early but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to grind, fight, and learn. I learned to humble myself and that things wouldn’t always be so simple. I booked my first movie in 2004 after having done lots of commercials. 

When did you have time to land music video gigs? 

2003 I played the love interest in the Dido music video for “In My Shoes”. 2004 I was the love interest for Lindsey Lohan “Rumors” as well as starring in “Scars” by Papa Roach, “Me Haces Falta” as the love interest for Jennifer Lopez and several others. 

Sounds like you managed to stay consistently busy, what else have you worked on? 

Campaigns for Chevy, Sprint, Gillette, Nivea, Noxema, Macys and print in Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Mens’ Journal… Guest starred on CSI NY and NCIS Los Angeles. I starred in Days of Our Lives for three years. 

Can you tell us about some of your most impactful film roles that you starred in recently? 

Lifetime Movie “My Daughter’s Ransom (2019) with lead Scottie Thompson. It’s a kidnapping movie with some interesting twists. I played, “Frank” a nice guy whom the lead is secretly in love with my character. Frank has to break ties with his business partner, the lead’s husband and gets really manipulated and taken along on this story as the lead is forced into unexpected situations to get her child back. It was my first time playing a nice guy. 

You recently worked on an indie dark comedy about making it in Hollywood, can you tell us a little about it? 

“Starfucker” is a dark comedy about an actor that would do whatever it takes to make it in Hollywood. The film is produced, written and directed by Mark David. My character is this narcissistic guy from a broken home who’s manipulated by the producers of a film for the sake of his career. The movie is a really dark look at the power players who control the industry. 

You’re starring in a film project scheduled to release later this year. Are there any juicy details you can share with us? 

I’m starring in a heist film called the “Break Even Movie”. It’s in the vain of “Fast & Furious” meets “Into the Blue” with a taste of “Gone in 60 Seconds”. Four friends are on a sailing adventure for the day and discover fifty million in the ocean near “Santa Muerte” while scuba diving. The crew wastes no time in taking the money and trying to figure out how to use it. I play Dash, this guy is down on his luck and out of all the friends he really needs a win in life for something to work out in his favor. 

The friends are chased throughout the movie by corrupt DEA, drug lords etc. You’ll see lots of beautiful locations and pretty people in this action film. 

You can find out more about Erik’s upcoming projects and his exciting track record in Lalaland at www.imdb.com and @erikfellowsofficial 

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