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Dr. Oscar Sanchez of Apa Aesthetic Miami is NOT your average Dentist

Dr. Oscar Sanchez of Apa Aesthetic Miami is NOT your average Dentist

The prolific Dr. Michael Apa, founder of Apa Aesthetic, is not your average dentist. He counts A-listers from Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Lopez as his patients, and has  offices in New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, and the newly opened Miami location.

His associate dentists are just as skilled, and incredible. 

We spoke with Miami office associate dentist, Dr. Oscar Sanchez about dentistry, his career and of course, where to go in Miami. Keep reading for more: 

Please tell us a little bit about you, and how you got into dentistry. 

  • Dr. Oscar: My journey started in Cuba and includes stops in Italy and Texas before finally making it to Miami.  I was 12 when I migrated to Italy with my mom. I loved so much about our life there, but the economy was unstable, and, within a year, I knew my future would look brighter if I joined my dad in Texas.  At 20, I moved to Miami to study Biology at Florida International University.  By senior year, I knew dentistry was for me.  I shadowed my cousin, a general dentist, and was sold.  The way art and science come together to transform not just a smile, but a patient’s complete facial framework is amazing.     

What is it like joining a practice with such a star-studded patient roster and working with Dr. Apa? 

  • Dr. Oscar: Working alongside Dr. Apa is surreal; it’s the realization of a dream that began in dental school. I learned about him during my second year and immediately hit the follow button on Instagram, hanging on his every post and story. He has overcome so many challenges and sacrificed so much to make his dreams a reality.  What he shared resonated with me; he represented a future that I saw for myself.  For him to go from my IG inspiration to my boss and mentor is wild.  

What sets the newly opened Miami Apa Aesthetic office apart from other aesthetic dentist offices? 

  • Dr. Oscar: Dr. Apa worked hard to build a thoughtful and distinct brand so, by design, there is consistency from office to office.  You will always see a glass-enclosed in-house lab, supported by the best dental technicians and master ceramists.  The architecture and design are always clean, modern and luxurious.  Dr. Apa believes that when you look at someone’s smile, you should never be able to tell where dentistry begins and ends, and his offices reflect that aesthetic.  The terrazzo floors and fabric walls are entirely seamless. 

That said, every Apa location has unique elements that set it apart and Miami is no exception.  Our ceilings are accented with custom open woodwork, making the space visually larger and airier.       

 It seems like everyone is getting veneers, what is the number 1 thing people should consider before getting them? Is everyone a candidate? 

  • Dr. Oscar: Before beginning a Smile Makeover, patients should do their research and find a dentist whose artistic vision and results match their perception of beauty.  It is crucial to select a provider who not only listens attentively but also has the skill set to bring your vision to life, both aesthetically and functionally. A perfect smile fits the natural contours of your face, bringing harmony and balance. I believe that the ideal candidate for veneers is any individual whose quality of life can be profoundly enhanced by the functional and aesthetic advantages that veneers offer. 

If someone is visiting you from out of town for a long weekend, where are you taking them in Miami?

  • Dr. Oscar: I want my guests to experience Miami’s rich local culture and one of my favorite ways to do that is through food.  Papi Steak is at the top of my list for great food and an awesome atmosphere.  Giselle Miami is another gem.  Treat yourself to a mojito at Old Havana, a charming Cuban eatery nestled in the historic Calle 8.  I also love the handcrafted cocktails at Socialista.  

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