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How To Curb Holiday Cravings with Sarah Kennedy, the Founder of Calocurb

How To Curb Holiday Cravings with Sarah Kennedy, the Founder of Calocurb

Just in time for the holiday season, we caught up with Sarah Kennedy, the founder and CEO of Calocurb, a world first all-natural, weight loss and management supplement from New Zealand, now available in the US (and on Amazon at that!). The active ingredient Amarasate®, is a bitter extract found in New Zealand hops (more info and images of this super ingredient is below). This ingredient used in Calocurb works fast to effectively control your appetite.Think of it as the all-natural, ingestible version of Ozempic. 

Keep reading to learn more about Calocurb, the revolutionary ingredient that it is made from and how to best manage your weight during the Holiday season.

When did you first learn about Amarasate?

In 2017, I was the CEO of an Australasian plant based supplement company when an old colleague of mine working for the largest government research institute (www.plantandfood.com) brought me the science of the Amarasate extract. After being in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years, I had never seen this amount of clinical science behind a natural plant based extract in a category that is typically riddled with fakes and poor science.

It also personally resonated with me after a lifetime of a love hate relationship with food and yo-yo dieting. I knew if this could help me regain an equilibrium with eating, it could help thousands of other people, who struggled like I did.

After the discovery of Amarasate, what was the process like to launch Calocurb?

It is easy to say now; “I formed a team, wrote a business plan and then launched our product” However, as you can imagine the journey was a rollercoaster with so many ups and downs, taking far longer than we originally estimated. We eventually launched on April the 4th 2018 with a huge PR launch including national television and radio. This was amazing after 18 months of work, but we didn’t have time to celebrate as we were in the warehouse, packing and sending boxes for the first month!

What safety testing was done?

Amarasate, the active ingredient in Calocurb, comes from a specific variety of hops grown in Motueka, one of the most beautiful places in NZ. Which is great for us as we get to visit our fantastic group of hop growers every year to talk about demand and what will be required. As hops have been used for hundreds of years for the flavoring of beer we knew it would have a very high safety profile. However, as Amarasate is developed by NZ Government scientists, the extract was evaluated by an expert US regulatory panel to gain US GRAS ( Generally recognised as safe).

Can everyone use Calocurb?

Calocurb works in the human gut stimulating the release of your body’s own appetite reduction hormones ( GLP-1, CCK and PYY) which act on the appetite centers of the brain to make you feel less hungry, so you eat less. Clinical results show we reduce hunger in men and women by 30% with an average reduction of 20% calorie intake.Because Calcorb works in the gut we say people with an inflammatory gut condition like IBD or Crohn’s disease should not take Calocurb.

If you’re coming off on Ozempic or Wegovy, or even still on it, can you also use Calocurb?

We believe Calocurb is a fantastic option to use as you come off injectable GLP-1 drugs. Calocurb stimulates the release of your body’s own GLP-1, which has probably been suppressed while using an external synthetic GLP-1. Calocurb will give the bodies appetite suppressing hormones the kick start they need to get going. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, what are some ways that Calcourb can help with dreaded holiday weight gain or cravings?

I love Calocurb for the holiday period, it allows me to enjoy and eat at all festive occasions, I just do not eat as much. As Calocurb has been clinically proven to reduce craving (as well as hunger)in females, it also really helps me resist some temptations I really do not need without feeling I have missed out.

I also use Calocurb all the time when I am traveling, so I can make better food choices or not eat out of boredom.

If someone has reached their goal weight, should they discontinue use of Calocurb to help maintain? 

The great thing about Calocurb is it is so flexible and works in just an hour. You can start it, stop it or use it intermittently as you require it. I take Calocurb daily in the morning at 16:8 Fast and it helps me through to lunchtime without thinking about food. But if I am going out to dinner and know I will eat later, I take another two capsules at 4 or 5 pm as this will support me through to dinner without wanting to snack beforehand.