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Bringing Ancient Grains To A Modern World

Bringing Ancient Grains To A Modern World

CJ: Lizi I have enjoyed getting to play around in the kitchen with your Kamut flour and testing some of your recipes in the new cookbook.  Can you share with us why Kamut? What makes it special?

LIZI: We got started with Kamut because we were experimenting with ancient grains. We found Kamut to be number one in taste. It made every recipe taste even better. It gave each recipe added enrichment and deeper flavor. It’s ancient roots connected us to the past. We loved that Kamut is an energy grain. It also has more protein and less gluten than any other grain so it’s easier to digest. The All Purpose White Kamut is a staple in everything we bake!  

It is naturally enriched unlike other all purpose white flour. It does have less nutritional value than the whole grain Kamut Berries. The white has been stripped of some good bran, which  is actually a good thing for gluten free people. Less gluten in the white. The white and the whole grain Kamut are both equally delicious! The whole grain is better for you nutritionally however.  We use the whole grain in muffins, pancakes, but mostly in our breads. We just prefer on a consistent basis the all purpose white.

CJ: Your cookbook was a family affair! Was there a favorite memory of the making of the book? 

LIZI: I could not have written the cookbook without my Mom.  We are a team and it was so much fun to write it together. The funny part was my mom was living in Brussels at the time and I was here in Utah. We were in different time zones, this was a huge challenge. But memories I won’t forget. 

CJ: Lifestyle and lifestyle experience is what I love to write about, your brand and product connect human spirit to the experience. Tell us when you began to feel this meaningful connection to Kamut.

LIZI: We really are so connected to this grain Kamut. The biggest reason being is that it is an ancient grain and has been around for thousands of years. We feel like this grain has connected us to the past.  When you are standing in the kamut fields, there is nothing like it. Kamut has a black stalk that waves so beautifully in the wind. Nature loves Kamut too, birds and animals prefer to eat the Kamut in the fields over any other grain. Many people believe Noah had it on the ark. Kamut is a soft gold butter color and it is longer than most other grains.Ever since we discovered this grain and started cooking with it we have felt that we needed to share it with the world. The Food Nanny brand was the first in America to use 100% Kamut flour in baking a loaf of bread. Most other bakers we found had been mixing Kamut with other grains. Why? No need to mix other grains with the finest there is, in our opinion. By not mixing grain you can enjoy the flavor and benefits of this amazing ancient grain.

CJ: Quality ingredients are paramount in today’s climate of “so many choices”.  How do the nutritional benefits of this grain stack up against other ancient grains available?

LIZI: Kamut is best known for its flavor texture and digest ability. It has never been modified, a pure strain. Nutritionally Kamut comes in first. 40% more protein than the average grain, high in fiber, less gluten. It is organic and The Food Nanny’s brand guarantees the purity of that strain. 

Brands make a difference, others working with this type of wheat are trying to maximize profits through modification.  The Food Nanny’s Brand does not. Selenium, known to fight cancer, is in the Montana soil where our Kamut is grown.  Kamut has more antioxidants, offers less abdominal pain, less bloating, better cholesterol, regulation of blood sugar levels, and is helpful in reducing chronic disease. 

CJ: What is your favorite recipe and why?

LIZI: I love them all. Really you won’t find better recipes. But I will say the kamut bread. I can’t eat store bought bread anymore. You will want it for breakfast and then as a sandwich for lunch. I can’t get enough!

CJ: What’s next for The Food Nanny?

LIZI: My mom and I will continue to share kamut and the beautiful message we have about family dinner time!  If we were to get a TV show then that’s just a huge added bonus! As a family we just have fun with this amazing product and sharing it with the world.

CJ: Would you share your best – worst failure and what you learned from that experience. How did it shape your world moving forward and what is the wisdom you took away from it.

LIZI: I feel like because I put my life so much out there for the world to see, it brings more challenges and critique. There is a drive to constantly prove who I am and how hard I have to work for my dreams. I believe in Kamut and it’s benefits for all who seek quality grains. I constantly get back out there and continue singing its praises. Being your own boss can be challenging and sometimes I just want to quit. New day, new energy, I continue to keep the fight going because I believe I’m actually inspiring  people to learn how to make healthy bread for the first time in their lives in some cases. Fans write to me daily and express gratitude. The Food Nanny’s Instagram is not about me, it’s about our Kamut message. “Keep cooking, your family is worth it” this is my mission. I’m driven and passionate about my craft. Leaving a positive mark on the world is ultimately why I share my life and brand with our audience. 

Want to know more about The Food Nanny, thefoodnanny.com @thefoodnanny