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A FASHIONABLE LIFE: Cinémoi president, Daphna Ziman

A FASHIONABLE LIFE: Cinémoi president,  Daphna Ziman

Daphna Ziman, is the President of Cinémoi, a network devoted to film, fashion, and lifestyle.  She is also the founder of a music label, a movie writer and director, an author, and a philanthropist, known internationally and in the Halls of Power in Washington, D.C. for her work on behalf of at-risk and foster children. Cinémoi network is an elegant channel tailored for discerning viewers and recognized for its high-quality eclectic array of classic and contemporary curated movies and documentaries and its glamorous coverage of top worldwide film festivals and Fashion Weeks.

How did you get started in film, TV, producing? I started as a writer/ director. First I made videos for MTV, then short films until finally, I wrote, directed, and produced my first feature film ‘Footsteps’ for Showtime. Which was the beginning of my work in the entertainment industry.

What made you fall in love with fashion?
Fashion, Film, music, and art are the universal language of unity. “What you wear is who you are.” I believe that fashion reflects on our cultural moments in our history and tells our story in the most beautiful form of art.

Why are you so passionate about TV and Fashion together? What’s your all time favorite fashion film?
My all time favorite fashion film is ‘Burberry Fashion Film’ from 2017 starring Sienna Miller. It is a love story against the harshness of war that ends up telling a story through fashion. I am passionate about television and fashion as an intertwined platform featuring storytelling. Both in terms of the art of fashion and in terms of an audio visual way of telling important stories of love and pain.

Tell us more about Cinemoi. How is Cinemoi so much different than other streaming channels? Cinemoi is the only high fashion television network in the world. It is the only multi genre network in the world that transports our audiences into vintage movies as well as modern movies into the most glamorous events in the world and the most exotic destinations. It is a way of taking our viewers into a very beautiful dream state. 

How do you see streaming film and Television affecting the industry? Are movie theaters dead? I believe that the tv screen brings films into a home atmosphere of comfort and individuality. We have created a digital/virtual world where our viewers can go into CineMoiWorld and actually sit in a movie theatre or Broadway theater to watch both wonderful movies and also wonderful Broadway productions. Maybe the physical theaters are not prevalent right now but looking into the future I see virtual theaters as apart of our daily experience

In addition to all the amazing filmmakers you showcase. What makes a great filmmaker? A great filmmaker is a great storyteller who has given himself or herself the freedom to create a world within a world where the specific story can be told and most of all touch our hearts.

Tell us more about about your philanthropy. I believe that we are all gatekeepers for the future of our children. I believe that it must be taken with great seriousness and great responsibility. In fact, real success is opening the door to a better future or our children.

You’re the CEO of Cinemoi, what tips can you give to today’s woman looking to succeed?
Never take ‘no’ for an answer. Stand proud with your head up high no matter what the circumstances are and never let fear be apart of your consciousness.

What can we expect next from Cinemoi?A rainbow of great films, documentaries and live entertainment. A virtual world with no glasses is in fact a parallel to our world where you experience cultural tourism, great premieres of movies and the beauty of theater productions. Most of all we tell stories with love.