There is an exciting new technology that is changing the way people travel. It’s called DragonSlayer, and it delivers the right information at the right time to facilitate safer travel decisions.   

Using the DragonSlayer proprietary analytics, all 50 states and 124 countries are ranked with SAFE-T (Smart Analytics for Educating Travelers), which can customize it to any particular risk tolerance with our unique filtering options. DragonSlayer provides the latest information on the reopening of states and our growing list of countries. With a glance, you can identify which destinations still require quarantine and learn more about their local conditions upon arrival. Whether it’s Covid testing, quarantines, or open beaches, DragonSlayer helps travelers know the facts about their destination.  

The DragonSlayer mission is to provide travelers and their trusted travel advisors with centralized, real-time information to regain the confidence to book their next trip. Travel professionals play a vital role in the travel industry’s recovery. DragonSlayer believes its intuitive platform can unite the industry by enabling all to share their insights and ensure accuracy.  

LAPALME magazine sat down with travel expert and DragonSlayer CEO Peter Wells to discuss the idea behind this incredible technology and, of course, some of his favorite destinations for the holidays. 

Congratulations on the launch of Dragonslayer 2.0! What was the idea behind the app?

During the pandemic’s early days, I started thinking about what would help get travelers traveling again. And if they are like me, it’s all about information; where can I go as an American? What are the protocols for entry? What will be open (or not) if I do go there? These questions led me to the idea of DragonSlayer for the Covid-19 era, providing a singular source for travel professionals and travelers who appreciate having up-to-date and accurate information on travel in the Covid-19 age.

You are being hailed as the must-have tech for safe and accessible travel. How important was it for you to create Dragonslayer for travel agents to use to assist their clients?

With all the uncertainty of travel these days, a travel advisor’s value has skyrocketed. In my estimation, They will be viewed as an essential source for where to go, how to go, and why to go, especially now with all of the internet’s misinformation. DragonSlayer is contributing our part to get the world back traveling again by providing travel professionals and power travelers with the most current information available. I firmly believe that there is a portion of discerning travelers who both realize that there are places to visit and appreciate a travel professional’s value to curate a safe and exciting experience. Perhaps Aruba, the Galapagos, Egypt, Saint Lucia, Croatia, or even Bermuda are open to US citizens and different entry protocols. These are spectacular destinations worthy of most traveler’s bucket lists! And all of these require a Covid-19 (“PCR”) test before entering, which means that Bermuda’s vacationing might be safer than going to the grocery store.

The holidays are coming, and it seems that many are waiting to book holiday trips. Can you give us two examples of the most accessible international travel destinations and the protocol to get into the countries for holiday vacations?

Holiday vacations are some of our fondest travel memories. We all have them from when we were young — when Christmas mattered most — and then when older when New Year’s Eve combined with memorable experiences became far more interesting. I have three versus two recommendations for your readers: 1) If you haven’t gone on safari, now is the time. Kenya is open, and the costs of flights and safari camps are lower now than they will be perhaps ever again. If you don’t have a travel advisor, contact us, and we can put you in touch with a Travel Slayer who can help book that fantastic safari. They know better than anyone how to ensure a tremendous trip…refundable airfares, room upgrades, clear understanding of the travel rules for entry, and what to expect once there.

Many of us, of course, think of beach vacations for the holidays, so here are two recommendations: The Maldives and Saint Lucia. If you’re like me, you probably pulled up Google Maps to remind you where both of these islands and archipelagos are in the world. Saint Lucia is in the Eastern Caribbean and known for twin mountains, winding hikes through rain forests, and epic dive sites. The Maldives are off the coast of Sri Lanka and India and is famous for the most ridiculous (and we mean ridiculous) overwater bungalows on the planet. And 80+ degree water temperatures to boot. Either way, you won’t go wrong.

What is the future for Dragonslayer as the world starts to open? How will you transition the tech into being a vital travel tool for years to come?

Again, we believe in the value of travel professionals. Our roadmap is jammed back with innovative technology to solve the daily pains and time-time consuming tasks in an advisor’s daily workflow. We’ve created a growing community of Travel Slayers who have adopted DragonSlayer technology to deliver superior service to their discerning clients.

We look forward to bringing many tools to market over the next year and our technology being the secret weapon to help regain the confidence for the world to start traveling again. 

As travel regains its footing into late 2020 and then into 2021, we see an increasingly optimistic traveling public who are more often than not getting sound advice from a travel agent. This mode, we believe, will bring the travel industry back.

For more information on DragonSlayer and the Safe (T) technology, go to the website at http://www.dragonslayertravel.com