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Sexy Back_ You bet your Arse

Sexy Back_ You bet your Arse

If you’re from LA and NYC, or somewhere in-between, it is likely you have heard of butt implants, butt lifts or more eloquently known as butt augmentations. Yes, it’s true globally a recent trend is to get your backside lifted or sculpted. But who do you turn to when you need an expert to advise you on what is right for your body?

I recently stopped by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. TY Steven Ip’s office in Beverly Hills to chat about these elective procedures. Dr. Ip and his partner specialize in the correction of botched booty’s gone wrong, and here is what he had to share:

LAPALME – How do you feel the fads of Instagram are affecting the plastic surgery world?

Dr. IP- I think the trends on Instagram have had, and are continuing to have, a tremendous effect on the plastic surgery world. Instagram, in general, has become such a huge part of our lives. As positive, plastic surgeons like myself are able to reach a much larger audience to showcase our work and patients now have the ability to watch and seek out any procedure that they are interested in learning more about from the convenience of their phone. Instagram has definitely helped lift the stigma of plastic surgery. People are more open to talk about work they have had done and not feel the need to be embarrassed or hide it.

Of course, there is the flip side of that, and with society constantly showcasing themselves and their lives on Instagram, there is now an alarming search for perfection. People tend to follow those who they aspire to be like and look like, so these influencers definitely “influence” them on what they think they need. The filters and apps that smooth and lift and tweak are not real life, but Instagram has created this burden of comparison to others, causing a really crazy epidemic of thinking you need to look like that in real life.

LAPALME – What is a fad and what is truly a procedure that will enhance someone’s quality of life and help them feel their best?

Dr. IP – I think a fad is something done outside of the norm, like tattooing freckles to look like Meghan Markle, whereas procedures allow you to look proportional and balanced. For example, a breast augmentation on someone flat chested or a facelift on an aging patient- these are truly procedures that will enhance your life.

LAPALME – Is there a procedure you do that is your all-time favorite?

Dr. IP – My favorite procedure right now is facial rejuvenation. It is great to restore the face to a more youthful and natural look, and I love giving my patients new-found confidence and excitement for life. Many patients want to look as young as they feel, and restoring youth to the face is the best way to help with that.

LAPALME – I have been hearing you and your partner are doing amazing things with butt augmentations, from corrective surgeries to straight up implants. Who is a good candidate for this and why?

Dr. IP – “Buttock procedures are very popular right now, so I am working with patients who are looking for more shapely buttocks. This can be done safely with fat or implants. What my partner and I are also working on is correcting botched implants that are being done with illegal free liquid silicone. As crazy as it sounds, it has become overwhelmingly popular. We see many patients who got black-market procedures in basements, or in their home and at the hands of unlicensed, unregulated practitioners with no medical training. These women get so sick and are in so much pain- helping them is a gratifying feeling.”

LAPALME – Are butt implants reversible?

Dr. IP -Butt implants are reversible, the same way breast implants are. All implants can be removed.

LAPALME – What would you say will be the next big thing in cosmetic surgery, what trends do you see in surgical procedures?

Dr. IP – Surgically, the trends seem to be toward a more conservative look. People are still getting work done, but aren’t wanting it to be super obvious. So we will be seeing smaller breast implants, more natural facelifts, baby botox that doesn’t completely freeze the face. Just conservative, beautiful procedures that help patients become the best version of themselves.

Dr. TY Steven Ip is a premier Plastic Surgeon in Southern California, he is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is double board certified. You can find him at either of his two CA locations or in his NYC office. www.tystevenipmd.com