Super nutrition is something wonderful we are just beginning to learn more about, and my recent encounter while exploring Main Street, in Santa Monica has proven to be an experience worthy of sharing. Quench your thirst with 8 powerfully healing tonics made with love and intention. What sets these tonics apart from most of what you see on the market is the targeted body systems concept.

Schisandra, Linden, and Oatstraw are three names you will want to remember. I personally experienced six of the eight offerings and loved all of them equally in taste and felt they worked as described on the product packaging. 

My favorite choice for skin food is, of course Schisandra, is fiery and tart. This stimulating berry is nature’s cure-all. Going where it is needed, this adaptogen is an overall health tonic, restoring and balancing whatever systems need support. Schisandra provides a powerful energy and mental clarity boost without the jitters of coffee and is a great choice when focus is required. Taken over time its benefits accumulate and physical and mental stamina is increased. Most people know Schisandra as a beauty tonic as it tonifies all systems of the body, including the skin. Seriously, what is not to love about that? 

Another notable tonic on the roster: Linden, the most tender of trees, graceful, and calm, Linden is fantastic for opening the heart and soothing the soul. Its abundance of phytonutrients and antioxidants support its traditional use as a digestive aid, encouraging proper digestion and eliminating digestive discomfort. I especially love Linden for it’s calming and slightly sedating action. This tonic is wonderful for anxiety, tension headaches, and sleep disorders. Soft and silky in taste, these nourishing flowers and stems are a delightful way to brighten a cloudy day. 

A liquid way to end your day: Oatstraw. This tasty tonic brings sweetness of all kinds as it delivers its payload of healing nutrition to the human body. A soothing nervine, loaded with B vitamins and essential minerals, Oatstraw contains more magnesium than any other plant. This contributes to its ability to balance hormones and soothe frazzled nerves. It not only eases tension at the moment but also, over time, can restore the nervous system, reinstating emotional balance. 

It is no wonder the world of powerhouse super nutrition is getting so much recognition. Simples tonics is helping carve that path. Next time you are in West Los Angeles, do stop by Simples.Tonics and say hello to founder, Traci, an amazing woman and herbalist with a passion for life and plants. Simpletonics.com