Lifestyle editor Coleen Laneway sits down with Ginger Boyle the owner of Planet Salon on being a celebrated hair dresser and making the world a better place. 

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the original disruptors of beauty. Ginger Boyle is not your typical stylist or for that matter business owner. I was interested in knowing how she challenges herself and what makes her business thrive and sustainable. Her 20+ years in the beauty industry is not just a badge of honor but a tribute to the timelessness she creates in her own life. 2017 was a year of celebrated success and awards for Ginger, she was honored by receiving the Lifetime Achievement award from Southwest Hairdressers Guild and the world-renowned Arrojo company bestowed Ginger with their Hall of Heroes award – Women Making Waves, she shares this honor with greats like Horst Rechelbacher and Vidal Sassoon. 

“Opinions Matter,” this is something Ginger said to me, and it rings true for both her clients and her staff. She considers all feedback whether good or bad. “It’s how you grow and learn – professionally and personally” she comments. “When there are opportunities we could do better, we use those as teachable moments and really invest in the future of our staff.” It is so refreshing to see this approach in action at the salon. Ginger is helping young artists by making a difference in such a creative outlet where tons of stylist can flounder for many years if they are not exposed to a mentor or have a good environment to excel within. 

Speaking of mentors, I asked Ginger what keeps her so organized and on point with not only the salon operations, but also within her personal life. A veteran in the salon industry, she has figured out work life balance is paramount to survival and inner peace. As a health and wellness focused writer I applaud her on this achievement. It takes a village as Ginger reminded me, her husband and partner walks the walk with her invoking inspiration. And all the while challenging her to see the details beyond her own perspective, which is already pretty detailed and beautifully executed. He is the Yin to her Yang. Ginger always knew she wanted to make the world beautiful. She knew she had found her calling as a stylist at a young age. During her time as a salon owner in the mid-west she was fortunate enough to meet Horst Rechelbacher. Ginger will tell you this was a life altering moment of opportunity for her. She attributes her path in beauty and mentorship with Horst to be one of monumental value to her career path. He is the DNA of her inspiration, always since his passing and in fact entirely the reason she wears Jasmine as a daily fragrance, a reminder of how far she has come. Through his years of friendship and support she knows there are limitless possibilities to where she is going!

I met Ginger a while back, so my opinion of her as a professional business woman was already very high. I have respected her from afar, but after our recent chat it is clear to me why she has so many loyal clients and staff. Planet Salon is a lifestyle knowledge based beauty destination. The culture there is why her teams of stylist succeed. Ginger provides her employees with ultimate support, training, and communication which becomes the cornerstone of a growing thriving modern business. 

From her first Aveda conference all those years ago, fast forward to now. Ginger credits the power of positivity and the art of calculated intuition for her continued success and award winning salon. “Finding your authentic self and checking in with your goals and then really taking risks will equal ultimate success.” I asked Ginger what her superpower was, she immediately smiled at me and with 100% confidence shared this: “I am dialed into the heartbeat of my clients”. She takes pride in knowing the subtle clues of what makes her clientele happy. She is a visionary so it’s easy to understand why her clients trust her vision and keep coming back for more. Ginger sets the bar high and her salon apart from others by practicing an ecological commitment. Planet Salon really does practice a fully sustainable model of recycle, renew, and reuse whenever possible. Ginger and her team of stylists, makeup artists and colorists have made an environmental decision to offer more than just hair care. It is evident the moment you walk into Planet Salon. “Do what you do well” and “Don’t get comfortable”, two great pieces of advice Ginger mentioned in our chat. I agree! She has not strayed far from her original dream as a young girl, and her wish of making people beautiful, just like the great Edith Head. One would say Ginger is accomplished but not nearly peaked, next level is her future destination!

Planet Salon is by appointment, open Tuesday thru Sunday. Treat yourself to an elegant experience you won’t regret.