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SyFy’s Deadly Class: Maria Gabriela De Faria

SyFy’s Deadly Class: Maria Gabriela De Faria

Photos courtesy of David Lee.


Award-winning, 26-year-old Maria Gabriela de Faria starred in Nickelodeon’s hit series “ Yo Soy Franky!”, but catapulted to fame as Isabella “Isa” Pasquali in Nickelodeon’s “Isa TKM.” Recently Maria Gabriela de Faria made a smooth transition from the Latin American film industry to Hollywood appearing as Maria in SyFy’s Deadly Class. Although that meant facing her fears, she tapped into her own insecurities to gift to her character.

“With these types of characters, you have to commit fully or it doesn’t work. I had a little notebook where I would put all of my fears and anxieties and surrender them to Maria. Any time I needed to prepare for a scene I would go back to that notebook that carried my biggest fears, mistakes, and pains” says Maria. Her character in Deadly Class, Maria, is a tornado of ever-changing emotions, constantly looking for a way out. Having read the graphic novel, she knows exactly what her character’s next move is, enabling her to make better and smarter choices. 

“In my head, Maria loves to dance and she never gets to do it, so she uses that as a way to distract her opponents. The fact that I’m Latina and a dancer myself really helped in giving her this sort of “flow” that I felt was important for her.” Using her fame and staying true to who she is, she’s opening doors for more actresses of color.

When asked why she projects positive messages with her platform, she replied “To me, being a public figure has to mean something. I don’t take this position I’m in for granted. I need to do something with it. I feel like we all have our “cause” that we care deeply about and to me, that cause is animals and the planet. I’m all about living a kind lifestyle for every single being on the planet and that includes food choices, daily habits, and even fashion! I like to show people that follow me through social media that you can live a sustainable lifestyle that’s easy, practical, and gorgeous. We NEED to do something. We NEED to be accountable for what we do, for the choices we make because they are ultimately affecting our planet and our future. There’s no leader that can guide us towards a greener, healthier world. Its all in our daily habits and small acts of kindness. Like the song, every little thing you do is magic!” 

Watch SyFy’s Deadly Class at syfy.com/deadlyclass.