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Rhoyle Ivy King, Beyond the Fan Favorite Character

Rhoyle Ivy King, Beyond the Fan Favorite Character

Rhoyle Ivy King is widely recognized for his role as Nathaniel on CW’s All American: Homecoming which premieres its 3rd season July 8th,2024. While Nate is a fan favorite, beyond the character is a talented actor with a creative drive to find fulfillment in his career. Not one to wait for his dreams to come to him, Rhoyle is moving the machine and working behind the scenes to create a life that inspires and motivates. He is definitely one to keep your eye on…

You’ve had an incredible career to date, what character has taught you the most about yourself?

  • Playing Angel in Rent was truly a life changing experience. I remember that project coming at a very challenging time in my life but something about that show really ignited a new passion in me. That role required me to pull out things I didn’t even know I was capable of. 

You’re quite an inspiration for so many people in all walks of life. Who inspires you?

  • Jesus, he defines for me the strength of love, and my parents are my motivation. 

You’re in incredible shape! Have you thought about modeling? If so, what fashion brands would you love to work with?

  • This is so kind! Thank you. My two favorite brands are Balmain, and Fear of God. Working with them would be a dream come true, but honestly I would be honored to be a part of any fashion or beauty campaign. 

Where do you draw fashion inspiration from?

  • Prince for sure! Law Roach is fashion personified. I also pay a lot of attention to Lewis Hamilton and Usher, they genuinely are some of the best dressed men on the planet. 

If your next role was your dream role, what genre would it be? Who would your castmates be? Who would you have direct it?

  • Film has had my heart and mind for a while now. Especially stuff coming from A24. So definitely something in that world. Honestly, there are so many ideas, actors, and directors I love. I wouldn’t want to miss a name. So I’ll keep that open. But, I will say there’s a filmmaker named Samba, whose work I love, and that inspires me a lot of the time. 

Outside of acting how do you express your creative side?

  • I love creating. From filmmaking, or creative directing projects, It’s something I find really special. I think as artists we have to figure out a way to creatively fulfill ourselves, that waits on no one but us. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What’s the first step you want to take to get there?

  • Honestly, trusting God on this one. Five years ago I was just wanting to get back on stage in a musical, and somehow I ended up on a TV show, and taking baby steps in the world of being a filmmaker. The more I learn about myself and the business I work in the more that answer changes. I think the most important thing is listening to whatever direction God is pointing in, and going after it with everything he’s given me to do so. 

Lastly, is there any advice you’d like to leave with our readers?  

  • I would just remind them of something that I’m currently rediscovering. To give your journey just as much attention as you give others. That at the end of the day you are the main character in your story, so make it eventful. If for anyone, yourself. 

Photography: Ryan Burrell 

Videography: Morgan Williams 

Hair: Velveda Nelms

Barber: Josh Paris 

Blonde: Amara Yiv 

Make up: Lauren Guzman 

Wardrobe: Greg Lauren x Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, 

Creative Producer: Kingdom City Entertainment