In a season filled with holiday spirit, I am happy to share a little piece of someone who brings cheer and charity year-round through her daily life. Leading by example, Coleen Janeway is a shining example of kindness, charity, and empathy. She truly sets herself apart by offering a vulnerability to her true self, allowing the best parts of her authenticity to be present in all she shares with her audience and clients. . Recently I sat down with Coleen to discuss her 2019 goals, and we mused about our aspirations and dreams together.

As Entrepreneur and owner boss babe Coleen ran an influential award-winning medical spa. As a global brand consultant, she has worked with other thriving wellness and beauty brands and medical practices throughout the US. Coleen is a beauty expert, writer, editor, and skinfood chef. Coleen is currently working on her first-ever cookbook. Her years of experience of being in the health and wellness industry has given her the upper hand in knowing what is falsely marketed and what is actually worth the investment. Coleen guides her clients to the truth of the matter, assisting in lifestyle recommendations and curating the right products so her clients can accomplish their goals with simplifying food and skincare. 

Coleen had suffered from an autoimmune disease that took four years and multiple doctors to diagnose. It was an unsettling and confusing feeling with the information she was offered at the time. Once they found the cause of her symptoms, she used it to spread awareness by sharing her story and enlighten people. Coleen has been able to teach people, that it is just as easy to see these same changes in your skin and body with simple adjustment regularly. In her spare time, Coleen is an avid yogi, equestrian and loves the being in the ocean as much as possible. Staying young in heart and mind is how she shares her light!

What is SkinFoodBodyLove? 

Coleen’s business was initially inspired two years ago while she was working with the amazing health coach and award-winning author Neil Cannon (“The Vitality Secret”). They collaborated on several videos to share with their audience smarter food choices demonstrating that diet and food preparation could be easier than you think. Thru their Skin Food Body Love collab, they’ve been able to show people how the use of proper eating can impact your skin conditions and help reduce the inflammation within the bodies systems.

What are some of your most proud accomplishments this year?

“I had an opportunity to re-establish some goals and better direct myself this past year. Through that process, I was able to recognize what was working to grow my business, accomplish helping my clients reach many of their own goals, and ultimately help myself with a great sense of achievement.”

What are the next goals going into the new year?

“2019 is wide open for me, and I could not be more excited. I will be publishing my cookbook. I will be establishing my curated goods section of Skinfoodbodylove ‘s website to be a great resource of anti-aging hand-picked products good for you and the environment. I am also working on some amazing collaborations in food, wellness, and brand development. Being an independent consultant gives me this wonderful platform to work with some seriously talented people. But the biggest goal of all is taking care of myself along this journey and discovering what makes me happy and do more of that!”

Any advice you would give to someone starting on their health and wellness lifestyle?” 

Yes, we have all heard it before the key to wellness is a balance of mind, body, and lifestyle. Making slight adjustments in the food you eat is a good place to start, as well as getting a full workup of food sensitivities if that is available to you. Knowing what and how the foods you eat affect your health will start to make sense. Reducing inflammation throughout your body is key for total success in feeling and looking great. Aging less and feeling great is not an unattainable goal it’s a mindset with a course of action. Taking the first step is always the best approach. Be kind to yourself and know why you want to change.” “Personally, besides eating as plant-based as possible, I recharge my body thru a weekly practice of Bikram Yoga, being in the ocean as often as I can and of course volunteering at my favorite Mustang rescue ranch in Malibu.”

Written by: Froilin Abella 

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Photos by: Kaelan Barowsky 

Stylists: LaShanda Bennet @livin_lush @hiptique

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