We sat down with Seth to chat about his upcoming film BUGS, what’s on the horizon for his band, Blowing Raspberries, and his recent campaign for one of the most sought after designer brands. As a 21-year-old, it’s clear… View Post

Anna Duboc, the voice of our future

Anna Duboc, the voice of our future  At just 14 years old, Anna Duboc is a gifted artist, with a beautiful voice and powerful presence. Anna’s been performing since the age of 5 and has a natural aptitude for music as she… View Post

Up Next: Bella Podaras

Up Next: Bella Podaras Born in Houston, Texas, Bella Podaras began taking Broadway and Theater classes at the age of 3 and developed her love for singing and dancing over the next 6 years. At just 9 years old,… View Post

Bess Marvin, a.k.a Maddison Jaizani

Bess Marvin, a.k.a Maddison Jaizani Nancy Drew – a story we’ve all heard but we’ve never seen it quite like this. One key element of the new series that has changed form the original is Nancy Drew’s hometown, now Horseshoe… View Post

Kyliegh Curran as Abra Stone

Kyliegh Curran as Abra Stone Most recognizable as her role as “Young Nala” in the Broadway production of Disney’s The Lion King, Kyliegh Curran will be taking on the role as Abra Stone in the new Warner Bros. film Doctor… View Post

Miya Cech, more than ‘Zu’

Miya Cech, more than ‘Zu’ Miya Cech is about to become your new favorite star, with appearances on hits like American Housewife, Arrow, The Thundermans, and now starring in two upcoming Netflix films ”Rim of The World” and ”Always Be My Maybe.” Lapalme… View Post


NETFLIX’s The Silence: SARAH ABBOTT This summer Netflix has released some chilling movies, most recently being, The Silence starring Sarah Abbott. The Silence revolves around a family who is under attack, along with the rest of the world, by creatures that prey by… View Post

Disney’s Boy Wonder

Disney’s Boy Wonder The world knows him as a Disney boy wonder, but triple threat Cameron Boyce is so much more. From his new accessory collection to his work with clean water, Cameron is taking his reach to… View Post


A STORM IS COMING Child actresses. They’re adorable, precocious, feisty, gifted. Some of them play on cute and peak before they’re 12. But the multi talented ones – with a lot of luck and great parenting – and of… View Post