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Taylor Hill Covers LVR Magazine’s Spring Issue

Taylor Hill Covers LVR Magazine’s Spring Issue

LuisaViaRoma’s LVR Magazine caught up with Taylor Hill in Los Angeles to shoot the cover of the new Spring issue. The covergirl spoke about her career, her plans for what’s next, and acting. 

When asked about her most recent casting opposite Brad Pitt in Babylon, the actress said this, “It was pretty cool as I was on set with Damien and sitting next to Brad Pitt, which is never a bad thing. He (Pitt) was so nice and super professional. I was nervous but felt comfortable by the end of the day. He lets you know you are doing a great job.”

The role required her first proper audition and was the first time she got her chops wet on a production of that scale. Pitt plays Jack, an aging silent film era actor trying to transition to talkies. Known as a womanizer and alcoholic, Hill plays one of his love interests, an aspiring actress named Rebecca. Their scene proves cathartic to Pitt’s character. “It was a small part but a pivotal moment. It wasn’t about the relationship but his struggle as a mega-famous actor trying to adjust. He realized he was repeating the same patterns and not really in love with Rebecca,” she explained.

In a sense, it was relatable as Rebecca’s ingénue status to Jack’s megastar role mimicked Hill’s status. “I felt nervous. I am green in the acting world and with these powerful, influential people, so I was in the same headspace as the character. At the same time, I was doing my job,” she reflected.

However, she doesn’t compare modeling with acting. “I love everything creative; fashion is crazy, and whirlwind whereas acting is less so, but it’s hard to compare when I am in awe that I am even here,”says Hill. 

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Photographed by Kat Irlin

Styled by Kate Davidson Hudson

Publicist Sable Massingill, Caitlin Kelly Agency

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