Another out-of-this-world smash hit from YellaCatt has hit the airwaves in the shape of her newest song, “The Show.” “The Show” is a beautifully crafted electro-pop song that showcases YellaCatt’s unique vocals and chops. Creating a sophisticated work of art without straying into the overly complex area can be challenging, but YellaCatt’s “The Show” proves that this indie star is one to watch out for. With an eargasmic chorus and exquisite lyrics, “The Show” is surely another hit fans would love to vibe with.

YellaCatt is a singer and songwriter known for her powerful voice and messages of love and self-acceptance. She has been involved in several indie rock and pop projects. Drawing on her roots in rock and blues, she is now expanding into the pop genre with an exotic edge. In collaboration with LA producer Jonny Joon, she has created a sexy, rich electro-pop sound. Her music focuses on emotional expression and personal empowerment, with a deeper message woven through infectious beats and strong vocal melodies.

YellaCatt’s “The Show” will make you experience a different musical vibe. The song is especially captivating when the music video is playing in the background. The most amazing aspect is the mesmerizing electronic beats that will have you bopping and dancing. In the song, the line “I’ve been a beggar, I’ve been a Queen and everything between, but I’m letting it go” is meant to speak about letting go of the past so that one can go on and discover new life. This makes for an empowering song that is a perfect anthem for everyone on their journey to the next chapter of life.

YellaCatt sits with La Palme Magazine to talk about her latest song, “The Show,” and to share her journey and experience as a musician. Read more on the Q&A below:

Lapalme Magazine: What has been your greatest experience musically, and how has it affected how you create your music?

YellaCatt: Collaborating with other musicians and producers has always expanded my horizons musically, and it’s how I like to make music. The alchemy of co-creating with other people inspires me. You create something amazing and different that you would never have come up with.

LM: I’m sure getting to where you are now does not happen overnight. What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

YC: The most challenging and rewarding part of making music has been collaboration. Finding someone to make music with is like finding a family member or partner, and you have to trust in the timing and path of your life. I had a very long time where I could not find someone to truly collaborate with. So the stars have to align for you to find each other and come together, and once you meet, you have to be willing to be flexible, compromise, and work out the kinks should they come up. And if you are all invested in the music and are passionate about it, the kinks will come up! 

LM: Growing up as a child, did you always know that you’ll end up rocking the stage?

YC: I grew up singing and always had a flair for the dramatic. When I was a kid, my focus was gymnastics and then springboard diving. But music was always my passion. It took me a minute to believe I could be a musician myself. Though I took vocal lessons here and there, I am self-taught in writing. 

LM: Earlier this month, you launched your latest single, “The Show,” can you tell us more about it?

YC: The Show is the story of someone who has been through emotional trials and betrayal. When you go through the belly of the beast and face your pain and shadows, you find a deeper sense of self-love, respect, and healing on the other side. The big message of the song is to not allow your pain or even your previous glory to define you. You must let it all go to move on, be free, and live in the moment. Through healing trauma, you learn to have strong boundaries while still having an open heart, and this, I believe, is the ultimate empowerment and self-love.‍ This message is mixed with some flirty sass and attitude to make it fun. I try not to take myself too seriously.

LM: What was the creative process for “The Show” like?

YC: The song’s instrumental part was written with my producer Jonny Joon (aka Jonathan Hakakian), in LA. We started with a vibe and a beat and built the song from there. He is a classically trained musician with a Moog synth that he can create the most amazing sounds on, and we worked for a couple of days writing the music. Then the pandemic hit! I worked on the vocal melodies and lyrics at home in Seattle, dancing around in a leopard catsuit in front of the fireplace like a wild woman. I like to light candles, summon the muses, and get witchy to get inspired. The music draws the lyrics out of me, and I must be open to receiving it. The Show came pretty easily.

LM: Out of all the songs you’ve created, which one is the most special?

YC: They are all special. I call the songs my “art babies.” Each one means something different and has its spirit. I love Durga for her message of self-empowerment and transformation. I also love Her Majesty The Divine Dakini for her mysticism and beauty. They both embody different goddesses and celestial beings and carry messages for humanity.

LM: Lastly, what’s your message to your fans, and what should they be on the lookout for?

YC: Be on the lookout for new YellaCatt songs coming out in early 2023 and for a West Coast tour!

For more details on YellaCatt, visit her website at https://yellacatt.com/


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