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Creating Expression Through Extension, Meet Tori, Celebrity Hair Extension Specialist

Creating Expression Through Extension, Meet Tori, Celebrity Hair Extension Specialist

Fondly known as Tori to all who adore her, Victoria Garcia is a small town girl with big talent.  An Ojai, Ca native Tori developed her creative coiffure skills early on. She’s always had a knack and an eye for transforming the average into the remarkable. Stemming from a desire to make her friends and family feel a little extra special, Victoria started her own small business with her little sister as a teenager-adding feathered extensions to women’s hair. 

Tori shares there are five different types of extensions: Tape-In, Keratin Tip, I-Tip, Sew In, Clip In, knowing which is best for your hair and lifestyle comes down to the professional you are working with.  Selecting the correct type sets you up as the client for greater success. Did you know that extensions can be cut, colored and styled like real hair? Developing a relationship with an expert can in the long run save you tons of money and aggravation.

It’s often a question many people wonder, “are extensions real hair?” Bellamy hair is the highest quality cuticle remy human hair. It is Tori’s go to product for precise styling and longevity of the style most clients are looking for. Another way of getting the desired look a client may be wanting is to blend different methods of extensions. This will create in many cases a more realistic look and feel the end result.

During your consultation Tori will go over your daily hair routine. This is the perfect time to review any  inspirational photos and to  discuss your “hair” history and its current state, from there Tori will help you plan your main goals. What is great about the Bellamy line is the fact it is super easy to achieve whatever look you are trying to achieve.

Not only for those who want length, extensions can be extremely versatile whether you are wanting to fill in around your face, add some color enhancements, or add volume to achieve that dreamy thick/long hair you’ve always longed to have. No more worrying about those extensions sticking out like a sore thumb.  Stunning color options ranging from over 42 colors to achieve the most natural blend and seamless look between hair and extensions. Depending on the client’s preference, Tori will use anywhere from 2 to 8 different colors to match your natural hair exactly. Perfection on a very customized level.

Tori is a certified expert in the art of extensions and in the care of and removal of extensions. Certified in several methods, Tori can customize her extension services to fit any clients needs.  Going the extra mile for her clients, Tori is more than just a hair stylist, her colorist skills have earned her the title of the “ Blonde Color Expert”.  What’s next! Tori’s tutorials coming up on Salon Rise’s Instagram.  While salons may not be open, there is no reason you can’t tune in and find out why Tori is the one to watch!  

For more information, follow Tori @rise.ojai or Salonrise.com  

Photo Credit: Sarah Ellefson