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Article Title: Celebrity Stylist, Heather Andrews Q & A | Can You Coif In The Time Of Covid

Article Title: Celebrity Stylist, Heather Andrews Q & A | Can You Coif In The Time Of Covid

What are you seeing in these COVID times as far as Celebs asking for cuts or color? 

HA: These days people want to look and feel good with as little maintenance as possible. The goal right now is to keep our communities safe, which means leaving the house less often. Celebrities and regular clients have had no choice but to lean in to their natural colors and are looking more for effortless cuts and colors that will grow out nicely in case we all have to stay home for a while again.

Is there a specific style most celebs are requesting? 

HA: Most of my celebrity clients are asking “how can we make my hair FEEL better?” instead of asking how we can accomplish a specific color/style or maintain a look, I also see celebrities and clients playing with their natural textures, which I find really beautiful. The days of perfect waves and blowouts are gone. People are putting their health and wellness above their vanity, and I think it’s smart! The hair world is moving into a more holistic realm, and I’m excited about it. When we feel good inside and take care of our bodies, our hair grows healthier and stronger! 

What is the hottest color people are wanting right now? 

HA: The hottest color trend right now is making minor enhancements to what people are growing themselves naturally that make a big impact. A bright pop around the face and a tip out on the ends is a great way to feel a little extra special without damage or too much maintenance. Again, it’s all about looking and feeling healthy and natural right now. Highlight appointments with me take several hours, but it’s to ensure that the placement is thoughtful for a more seamless grow out. Most of my highlight clients only need to see me every 6 months.

Is there a technique that is most requested in hair care? 

HA: My most requested technique is baby lights (soft subtle highlighting) and a tip out (adding lightness to the ends of the hair-like the sun would!).

How are celebs keeping their hair styled while mostly at home these days? 

HA: My celebrity clients have been having a lot of fun playing with their natural texture! Innersense is a line we use at my salon that helps waves and curls come out without frizz! It’s also organic! I always recommend going to bed with half dried, different sized waves for an effortless, heatless beachy wave. The best way to keep your hair looking nice is to keep it HEALTHY! Which means regular trims, quality products, and a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re that person now working from home what’s the worst thing you can do with your hair and how should we avoid this? 

HA: The worst thing you could do is use a box color. The box doesn’t know what you’re starting with so it’s very aggressive. Box colors have very big color molecules that force the cuticle open and make it nearly impossible to close back down, making people look like they have fuzzy hair. Box color is also so hard to remove, because of the molecule size. Wait for professional color that’s been formulated specifically for you and uses quality ingredients and science.

Are there any specific products you recommend to keep hair looking amazing with less salon visits? 

HA: I recommend Innersense or Incommon. They are both beautiful lines that I’ve only gotten great results with! 

How is your salon handling one on one appointments, if the county is not in lockdown? 

HA: We are only able to operate at 25% capacity. We sanitize and temperature check before and after every client. I’ve never liked to double book my clients and I’ve always been a one on one kind of gal. The salon is more quiet now, but my process hasn’t changed much.

What are some cons of doing hair at home and can you provide tips to those who want to maintain their look even if we have another shut down? 

HA: Well the biggest con is the threat to the salon industry. We appreciate our clients loyalty so much. If you have a relationship with your stylist, I recommend working together to come up with a specific COVID-19 hair plan for if things shut down again.

Who would be your ideal celebrity to work with? 

HA: My ideal celebrity to work with is someone who was born to make a difference and who uses their platform for positive change. I was vice president of my feminist club in high school and I share a birthday with Gloria Steinmen and I recently did her hair. That was a really big moment for me. 

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