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Caroline D’Amore: Pizza Girl

Caroline D’Amore: Pizza Girl

Starting at her family’s restaurant, D’Amore’s Pizza, Caroline is in high demand now as co-owner, wife, mother, international DJ and executive chef. Pizza Girl, Caroline’s childhood nickname has been her persona to this day and its very fitting. Now available at Bristol Farms grocery store, Pizza Girl sauce comes in three flavors; Vodka, Marinara, and Putanessca. Lapalme Magazine was lucky enough to pick the brain of the mompreneur and discuss the inspiration behind the line of sauces.

What inspired you to create the line of “Pizza Girl” sauces?

After growing up in the D’Amores Pizza family, I was ready to branch off and do my own thing. These sauces are inspired by my family heritage and my great grandmother’s cooking using the finest organic ingredients and making everything local in Santa Paula. I wanted to shake up a space that needed a little shaking up. From packaging to flavor the sauce market seemed like it needed the Pizza Girl. I love this product and everyone in America will soon too! I’m constantly doing demos and events just getting people to try it and the response is overwhelming. I’m in love with every aspect of this business so I feel extremely empowered to take it as far as I possibly can go. 

Which of the three sauces is your favorite?

That really is hard to say. I’m not just being a business owner when I say they are all delicious and taste better and more fresh that anything else on the market. They each have their own unique qualities and are amazing for different style dishes. However I can say that the vodka sauce is blowing off the shelves. People are absolutely freaking out over it. 

Being an international DJ, entrepreneur, and actress – how do you balance it all as a mom?

Honestly I’ve had to make some really tough decisions to step up and be CEO of this company and do everything it takes to get it where it needs to be. I love DJing but I have to focus right now. So I’m doing only special events that I really want to do right now. I will always make time to be a mom setting aside chunks of time to focus solely on my daughter. My husband is also an incredible father and is really stepping up in that area when needed.

Does your daughter love pizza as much as you?

My daughter absolutely is the next gen pizza girl and will probably hate being called that in her teenage years like I did. There’s just no escaping that in this family. She does love pizza as much as I do and she’s crazy about Pizza Girl pasta sauce.

What was it like growing up in a “pizza family?”

Growing up in a pizza family has its perks for sure. There’s always pizza at every party but I also had to help in the shop and at catering events. I used to deliver pizzas in Malibu to make enough money to go out that night in “town.” Malibu locals always called LA “town.” I’ve always been a hard worker even if it didn’t look like it. Work hard, Play hard; that’s my motto. 

Do you remember the moment you realized you were meant to DJ? How did it make you feel?

DJing was a part of my whole Play Hard life. I was always in the club and I fell in love with the way DJ AM made me move on the dance floor. Then one thing led to another and I was DJing all over the world with two record deals. So crazy how it all happened. Back then there were not a ton of female DJs and SKAM Artist  founder Sujit Kundu took a chance on me. We went big and I had a huge residency at the Hard Rock all summer long to kick off my career. DJing and music will always be a love affair of mine. Now I’m just more choosy with my gigs because my\ daughter and Pizza Girl are my main priorities. You can’t start a company like mine and run every aspect of it yourself if you’re spreading yourself too thin. I’ll always jump in and play a set though. It’s my favorite feeling in the world .

Do you prefer being in the kitchen or being in the DJ booth? Is one more complicated than the other?

Being in the kitchen and being in the DJ booth are two extremely different satisfactions. The live energy you get from a crowd who loves you is pretty hard to top but my time in the kitchen is a peaceful time more of a meditation period and time to reflect. My favorite part about being in the kitchen is watching someone I love enjoy my creation. Nothing like it!

Do you have a specific “creative process” behind putting together a set or writing music?

Working on a DJ set is a very different process then working on writing music. I’m more of a lyricist than a music producer. Sit me down in a studio, drop a beat and give me a pen and paper and I’ll have the whole track written in minutes. Doesn’t mean it’s always going to be amazing but normally the ones I write super-fast are much better than the tracks that took a while. My DJ sets are just piles of my favorite music in playlists and I honestly go on the fly. My last show the promoters were calling me a unicorn cause I don’t use a company and actually mix every single track. You can tell because if I get chatted up too long you can hear me mess up. It kind of works in my favor cause people know you’re the real deal. I say, don’t plan your sets and go with the vibe and energy and you will always have a win. 

Where do you see music trends heading in 2020?

I say don’t follow the trends and you will be the trend. Look at Billie Eilish, she came out with a bang sounding like no one else on pop radio and now that’s what pop is. Labels will tell you to sound like what’s hot currently and sadly I fell into that trap. Just be you and don’t try to do what’s hot your way better off without all the corporate cooks in the kitchen. 

What can we expect from Pizza Girl next?

Next up for Pizza Girl is our launch on Amazon mid sept! I have so many people reaching out wanting Pizza Girl Pasta Sauce all over the country and this is the fastest way to get it to them. Keep an eye out! Pizza Girl is coming in Hot!!! We will also be in all major supermarkets in the very near future but we can’t announce yet. Pizza Girl will continue to expand on the all organic sauces adding an Arrabbiata next, then I plan on diving into the frozen food world. Organic frozen Pizzas that actually taste good. Get ready. Follow @pizzagirlofficial for all those updates