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Investing in the Future of the World

Investing in the Future of the World

Suzannah Dacre, founder of ULTIS pro, CEO of many visions, and philanthropic innovation strategist. Suzannah is well known for her work in community and business, and isn’t a stranger to award recognized startups defying industry standards. A daughter of a builder and lawyer, and raised by an international merchant shipping captain, international business is the norm, and so is rough terrain in community. But when business meets community, and the gap between rich and poor are hot topic worldwide, ULTIS pro is working to defy that. 

It is a vision people are calling powerful, and profound, and aims to close the gap between rich and poor, that allows people to be selfish and selfless at the same time.

Can you tell us the backstory of ULTIS Pro? 

ULTIS pro was born after a lifetime of successes in business, and life lessons originating from my upbringing as a child in a third world country that saw conflict everyday, and how it is relevant in society today. I was raised to be kind, and having defied industry expectations across anything I attempted, including business, property and investment, the true measure of success was the impact you left on the world. My mother, who was powerful, yet kind, was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, and passed away in 2014, and that is when I realised, that, at the end of the day, humanity is everything, not money. If we could take businesses to state and national awards for their performance, but also the positive impact on community, how could we further change the world with our power and success in business, life, and investment, and that is how ULTISpro was born.

How did you go from this idea of helping others invest to actually doing it? 

I started at a very young age helping others. Whilst in high school, I used my pocket money to buy things for complete strangers who couldn’t afford things, including a $400 formal dress for a girl who was kind to the world. My six year old daughter now does this at school, and with the homeless. She knows anyone that can’t afford school supplies or daily needs, she gives them our number and we will resolve it for them. I am a normal, everyday person, who was not given handouts as a child, and had to build my own life, and when I was the founder of a very successful business in 2011, it always came back to community. When my family purchased houses, we wanted to be the game changers in society, and challenge the status quo, and we wanted everyone to have access to what we had built, and that is how people now do it, by following our lead. We’ve been met with challenges, and have overcome them in every way possible, the latest being ‘to invest, you have to have money’ – well, that’s why we use our capital from large successes to provide an opportunity for those truly struggling in the world, to get started on their journey.  

What are the types of investments you suggest to clients? 

We believe life as a whole is an investment, and people need to invest in themselves to be happy in life. We’ve spent years testing all different investment types, and our investment recommendations defy industry standards, with our property strategies delivering 14-35% rental yield, our FOREX averaging 20% per month, and our performance investment averaging 46% per month, or 328% per year. Personally, I love the performance investment due to its safety, and convenience, it comes with a profit guarantee and takes 30-seconds a day, and always outperforms our other investments. Business is another type of investment we are active in, and we’ve taken little salons to $20,000-$50,000 per day, or a near bankrupt construction company to projecting $20million per month, but that does take a lot of discipline. Cars are a smart investment option as well with systems such as Car Next Door, however when it comes to accessibility, convenience, and keeping things simple, our performance investment is my pick.

You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that a homeless client stayed in a house of yours, is he able to rent-to-own? Is that common for clients? 

We’ve helped numerous homeless people into homes, whether they are our own, or other rental properties. We actively build a property portfolio to provide homes for those in need. Once they enter our lives, they’re not just tenants, but people we work with to help with jobs, investment, and business. In fact, one of our tenants, who is a single mom, now we’ve sourced employment for her older children, and she has invested smart, we are currently building her business strategy which is projecting about $3000 per week income once live, and we’re projecting her to be in a position to purchase the property she’s in over the next 12-18 months, as it suits her needs for a home business. We’ve done this transition from renting to ownership a few times now, and are always open to helping people be the best version of themselves. We are currently reviewing property in the United States to do exactly that as well. 

What’s the difference in a wealth management company and your company?

We care about the people we help, and our performance investment turned 328% on capital last year, and our properties range 14-35% rental yield per annum. I don’t track other company results, however our clients come to us telling us we’re great at what we do. ULTIS is about strategy and engagement, building visions that care, and bringing humanity back through a profound and powerful movement, and that is why our results completely defy industry expectations. We also challenge the status quo of ‘you have to have money to invest’ – by providing opportunity for those in need to get a head start on changing their lives. 

 Do you have a favourite success story? Or the person that surprised you the most?

They’re all my favourite. To see people suddenly believing in themselves, and thriving in life just makes me smile, and know what we’re doing as a vision, is having a profound and powerful impact on the world as a whole. I think one that comes to mind is a man who’s experienced the worst, his primary carer was murdered, he’s seen drugs, prison, and a toxic upbringing, made some very bad decisions in life, and keeps falling off the rails, yet he kept coming back, and being honest with me – and now, I hear he’s completely clean, and we didn’t force nor encourage that, we just let our vision provide the impact it needed to, and he’s keeping his head high and pushing on. His parents actually wondered why I had so much time for him, calling him a waste of oxygen, and well, his current endeavours are exactly why I do what I do. I don’t give up on people, and as he says, I’m the only one who hasn’t given up on him.

How has this business endeavour changed you as a person? 

I have been doing what ULTIS does, for a very long time. It hasn’t changed me as a person, however it was a very big lesson that not everyone is like me in regards to my standards or performance, so it’s put me right where I need to be, realising that people need support, and to be guided in life.

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