A beautiful garden with a well tended landscape that is blooming with bright flowers is like water for the soul for those to behold its beauty. In fact, beautiful gardens have been considered an important focal point of important cities filled with castles, parks, and historic properties. The most eye catching gardens in the world are truly works of art which enhance its surroundings and fill its cities and countries with an indescribable beauty. Here are the six most beautiful gardens in the world. 

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was opened in 1910 in Prospect Park located in Brooklyn, New York. It is 39 acres and was designed by the landscape architect, Harold Caparn. The specialty gardens are many and include the Cherry Gardeno, Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, Crawford Rose Garden, Native Flora Garden, and the Shakespearean Garden. The Cherry Garden boasts more than 200 cherry trees along with an impressive Cherry Esplanade upon which one can gaze upon the magical surrounding landscapes. 

The GiardinI Botanici Villa Taranto 

The Villa Taranto garden was established between 1931-1940 by Neil McEacharn who owned the villa and surrounding land that would soon become the famous garden. It is located on the western shore of Lake Maggiore in Pallanza, Province of Verbano-Cussio-Ossola in Italy. McEacharn demolished over 20,000 trees and completely transformed the landscape. Today, it is home to 20,000 varieties of plants encompassing 3000 species. 

The Kenrouken Garden in Kanazawa 

The Kenrouken Gardens in Kanazawa is located in close proximity to the Kanazawa Castle in Japan. The gardens were founded centuries ago by the Maeda family back in feudal times. The garden has a big artificial pond named Kasumagaike which has been compared to a island and open sea. The garden also contains a stone lantern in the shape of a Japanese koto or harp. Beautiful blooms such as azaleas, irises,and cherry blossoms dot the landscape and adorn the hills of the breathtaking surroundings. 

The Claude Monet Gardens in Giverny 

Claude Monet was the infamous painter who discovered French Impressionist Art. In 1883, Monet moved into his house in Giverny in Northern France. It was there that he began to design his famous garden called “Clos Normand” which Monet was determined had to match the colors of his house. From the delicate arches to the Japanese water lilies that dotted the gardens, the design was everything Monet was famous for from the colors to the shapes to the contrasts in the garden. 

The Keukenhof Gardens 

The Keukenhof Garden is located in Lisse,Netherlands and is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. In fact, it has over 7 million bulbs planted yearly. It is situated on a 15th century hunting ground. In the 19th century, Jan David Zocher and his son Louis Paul Zocher were hired as the landscape architects. The gardens feature a number of different garden styles and also has its famous tulips lying just outside the garden. In 2017, the gardens had a record 1.4 million people visit its grounds. 

The Gardens of Versailles 

in 1661, Louis XIV hired Andre Le Notre to design the gardens for the Chateau Versaille. This was an undertaking that was indeed no small task. Le Notre collaborated with the superintendent of the buildings of Versailles from 1664-1683, Jean Baptiste Colbert. In addition, he consulted with the First Painter to the King, Charles Le Brun. The king also had to approve all the plans for the gardens which took approximately forty years to build. Today, it is one of the most beautiful and famous gardens in the world. 

Gardens have always played an integral part of history from its beginning until the present time. A beautiful garden is the crowning glory of a castle or other historical building. The way it accents and highlights the landscape and surrounding areas of a place is second to none. In fact, a breathtaking garden will continue to be a most important asset to notable historical places around the world.