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All natural relaxation – Florida Soap Company

All natural relaxation – Florida Soap Company

FSC_LOGOThe Florida Soap Company makes handcrafted all natural bath and skin care products that are free from any harsh chemicals, dyes, or preservatives. This epic company is rising fast and is on a upward trajectory thanks to its founder Misty Wheeler-Belin. She is a graduate of the Paul Mitchell Beauty School and is a licensed cosmetologist. Armed with education, passion, and drive enabled her to open one of the most innovative companies that provide the finest quality bath and beauty products. In fact, celebrities like Ashlee White and Aviva Drescher among many others have been singing its praises for a while now.

A big box arrived to my house the other day and I was brimming with excitement and wonder as I opened it. I was greeted with a symphony of exotic and luscious scents and treated to some serious eye candy. The hand carved soaps were so brilliant with its eye catching pops of color as it sat so adorably in its wooden container. The orange sugar face scrub smelled heavenly and felt like a quality product as I played with the crystals in my hand . In addition, the Shower Souffle in lemon grass smelled amazing. I wondered how well it would really work.


Vitamin C Face Food- Vitamin C Serum 30 ml $20.00


The 5 minute face mask looked to be just the thing to perk up my sallow looking skin. Too many deadlines and a grueling work schedule were surely taking a big toll on my visage It needed some big help. A body fresh sugar scrub helped to pique my curiosity as to exactly how soft my skin would be after the first use. In addition, the Skin Food Body Oil smelled so delicious and came in such a fabulous and huge blue bottle. I already knew that was going to be the biggest bargain in the box.

The Vitamin C face moisturizer, the Rewind Anti Aging Serum,and the Flower Power Moisture Repair Serum looked to be a fabulous trio that would work wonders on my facial skin. The Whipped Olive Oil was intoxicating based on scent alone!I was beyond excited to see what these magical looking products would do for my face and skin.


Shower Souffle’ -6 months worth of whipped soap in a jar. Huge favorite over shower gel. 12 oz jar $20.00

After my very first use of every single product, I knew that my skin would never be the same. After using the Vitamin C Face Food, Flower Power Moisture Repair Serum, and Rewind Anti Aging Serum, my skin looked radiant, renewed, and soft. I just seemed to have this amazing glow that lasted from morning until night. The face and body scrubs left my face and body tingly and super clean. In addition, the Shower Soufflé and hand carved soaps left my skin clean and infused with a rush of moisture. The Whipped Olive Oil smelled so amazing and left my skin smooth and supple. The body oil left my skin so touchable and soft and the scent elevated my senses to new heights.

I am a new devotee of The Florida Soap Company products. They leave my face and skin feeling anew and rejuvenated. In the past, I have used many high and low end face, skin, and bath products, but these skin care products are in a class all their own. The quality is apparent from the very first use, swipe, scrub, and application. I am not too proud to say that now I am hooked. The products leave my bathroom smelling like a heavenly oasis even when I am not using them. The best thing about these products besides the quality is its reasonable price. The Florida Soap Company has just found itself a lifelong follower in me.


Flower Power- Rose Hip & Hibiscus- (Vitamin A) 30 ml $20.00


Rewind- tightening & Toning serum 30ml $20.00

Sweet Mango& Melon

Olive Oil Handcrafted Soap-it takes 6 weeks to make this handcrafted loaf infused with vitamins & antioxidants. 5 oz bar $8.00



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