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MFW // Cat + King Nation Spring Summer 2019 Collection

MFW // Cat + King Nation Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Cat and King Nation is a unisex street wear line with a simple message: bring back hope. By collaborating with anti-trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom (BFF), our mission is to empower survivors of trafficking providing hope and financial support. Cat + King Nation’s vision for the line is to utilize the power of fashion as a tool to empower women and girls who are survivors of trafficking globally through BFF’s sustainable programming. A percentage of proceeds from all sales of the capsule collection will be donated to this very worthy cause.

Beauty for Freedom exists to empower survivors and at-risk youth of trafficking through creative expression and art therapies facilitating a strengthening of empowerment and self-esteem while cultivating community engagement and awareness.

Creative art is the perfect tool for supporting survivors of trafficking to begin to process feelings and experiences. Through this process of expressing difficult feelings in a safe, relaxing environment, survivors can begin to build confidence and a healthy means to process their emotions. Art therapy can help survivors rebuild their lives, provide them with stability and put them on the path to socio-economic independence.

Beauty for Freedom works in areas where there are high instances of human trafficking. Art making allows survivors to discover new talents, interests, and strengths as they progress through the recovery and reintegration process. To date, 2000+ survivors of trafficking and at-risk youth have been served through our Beauty for Freedom empowerment initiatives and teaching programs in Ghana, India, Cambodia, the US, Dominican Republic and Haiti. We support survivors who have experienced emotional and physical trauma, to realize their hopes and dreams and in-turn to ripple positive change throughout their communities.

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In collaboration with AMONAMOUR SS19

Make-Up and Hair by VOR MAKEUP