Fresh Dungeness crab lightly tossed with cilantro, Wasabi Tobiko, garlic ponzu, garnished with Uni and Sturgeon Caviar.

This is the time of year for those of us who love to feed our bodies inside and out.

Two delicacies immediately come to mind, snails and caviar. Both are extravagant, delicious and surprisingly good for you. These foods keep you lean and help give your skin a luminous glow.

Snails are intriguing because of their historical application in wound care and skin treatments, as well as in the cuisines of many countries and cultures. It may be hard to imagine, but these little creatures assist our bodies fight the effects of aging, and are nutritionally low in fat and high in protein. A great choice as a regular staple in your diet.

With so many species of snails, how did anyone figure out which ones were edible snails, or escargot as they are most commonly called, and which were viable for harvesting bio-material in cosmetic applications? The secretion of the Cryptomphalus Aspersa (SCA) variety is one I have paid close attention to. This little gem has a very potent healing and repairing secretion, harvested I might add, without harm to the snail. Our skin is constantly being exposed to damaging factors like the sun and environmental toxins. Your body will naturally heal damaged skin by creating a family of peptides and proteins called “growth factors.” Unfortunately, through our normal aging process, natural growth factor levels decrease. The great news is you can supplement the natural levels of growth factors aging your skin with SCA Biorepair Technology. Not all snails or growth factors are created equal, the patented formula we love is exclusive to Biopelle, Inc. My clients have seen tremendous results while using the Biopelle Tensage line of SCA serums and creams.

Catalan Escargot cooked in sweet citrus soy with shallots and Japanese parsley. Finished with a flamed spicy mayo shell bake.

Caviar is a wonderfully flavorful source of vitamins and minerals, including Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to promote a healthy nervous, circulatory and immune system. One serving of caviar has an adult’s daily requirement of vitamin B12. Other important nutrients are vitamins B6, iron, magnesium and selenium. An antioxidant provider, caviar is rich in vitamins A and E. Vitamin A helps to repair damaged tissue and prevents wear and tear of your bodies cells, and vitamin E helps maintain valuable moisture and aids in a healthy circulatory system. Repair and prevention, my two favorite topics. Both of these vitamins are essential in maintaining youthful skin, healthy eyes and a strong immune system.

Sophisticated and delicious, these healthy pleasures are sure to lift your mood and brighten your skin. Dive into these luxuries when you get the chance.

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Photos by: Unstoppable Entertainment 

Restaurant/Food: Fin Restaurant, Culver City