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IV Nutrient Infusion: Boost Your Beauty Routine

IV Nutrient Infusion: Boost Your Beauty Routine

Is this a fad or a quick boost?

Article by D. Kelly Bender ND

Beauty isn’t just skin deep and we can make our skin beautiful from the inside. Having enough of the right vitamins and nutrients helps us glow from the INSIDE OUT. Need help getting over jet lag? Want to feel bright and shiny despite that extra glass of rose? Getting a VITAMIN IV is a quick way to boost your body with all the nutrients you need and bath every cell in your body with them in a little over a minute. This service has become popular with Hollywood, high performance athletes, execs and even the ladies who lunch because it has immediate benefit in most people and helps them optimize their health to keep up with a high paced life. The doctors at Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Center in Beverly Hills and Brentwood, LA, provide a quick and easy experience that keeps patients coming back time after time.

Rose all day

You just had a wonderful day at the vineyard with your best girlfriends, you know tomorrow you’ll feel a little low energy, notice your skin is a little dry, and generally feel blah. How much better would life be if you could restore your system, help your body detox and rehydrate all at once? Want to FEEL YOUR BEST the next day?

Who: all of you who love wine, spirits, beer, you get the idea…

What: Thiamine (vitamin B1) that helps your body process alcohol, b vitamins for energy, magnesium for that headache and minerals to help you rehydrate



Want to recover faster and replenish the nutrients you burn through? Working out as hard as you do means you need more nutrients then the average joe. Muscle repair, energy production, we’ve got you covered. Want to BE YOUR BEST at the gym?

Who: high performance athletes or weekend warriors

What: B vitamins for energy, taurine for energy production and muscle recovery, mixed amino acids for muscle repair, balanced minerals for ligament/tendon repair and muscle contractions.



Want to FEEL YOUR BEST at the other end of the flight? Nothing is more dreadful than realizing you will be trapped in the air for 6 hours next to someone coughing. Whether it’s business or pleasure, we hate getting sick. Air travel often leaves us feeling drained because we’re exposed to bugs and radiation.

Who: frequent flyers or summer travelers

What: A combination of vitamin C and zinc to boost the immune system, b vitamins for energy and sleep along with selenium for glutathione production to help cells damaged by radiation.


Glow girl 

You have a kale smoothie everyday, have a 19-step  facial routine and your skin shows it. Just living in this world exposes us to oxidative damage due to the sun, air pollution, and foods we eat. Anti-oxidants help your body create smooth, firm, younger looking skin. Want to LOOK YOUR BEST from the inside out?


What: Glutathione is the master antioxidant, our body makes our own but we produce less and less as we get older. Glutathione is helpful for younger looking skin, detoxifying your liver, removing damaging heavy metals and lifting that brain fog! It’s a no brainer.

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