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Instant Illustrations With Chic Sketch

Instant Illustrations With Chic Sketch

Envious of all those #fashiongirls illustrations that keep popping up on your IG feed? Well, now you can get your own #OOTD’s sketched out with the tap of a button. Chic Sketch is a fashion-forward mobile app that transforms photos into hand-drawn, fashion sketches by real illustrators in a matter of minutes.

I tried the app out and I am having tons of fun with it! I selected one of my favorite photos of all time shot by my good friend/ photographer Daniel Colvin. After logging into the app I was able to upload this photo into Chic Sketch and create an order. My order was 7th in line so I waited a bit for the sketch to be completed (you can pay extra to expedite the order). Soon after I checked the app and voilá the cutest sketch was in my queue. The sketch is downloadable so you can share it across all social medias and it comes with a video documenting the process of illustrating your sketch, which is a cool touch. Of course,

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Chic Sketch in not just an illustration app, it’s also a social community where you can connect with brands, follow your favorite fashion designers, watch live sketches being created during Fashion Weeks and more. The upgraded version will allow sketches to be tagged with fashion brands – granting consumers access to trending products, and fashion industry influencers a new and creative way to share their #OOTD with their fans. Chic Sketch has become a great social tool for fashionistas worldwide to provide an insider look into their wardrobe with these Instagrammable sketches.


Download Chic Sketch and use code FESTIVAL16 for 10% sketches right now.