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3 Spring/Summer Hair Styles for the “Real Girl” With Ceron Hair Studio

3 Spring/Summer Hair Styles for the “Real Girl” With Ceron Hair Studio

Replicating runway hair is no easy feat, especially for the “real girl” who doesn’t have a pro team behind the scenes at all time. This season’s hair runway looks were wearable, minimal and easy to keep. With the help of top stylist Ceron, most recently named on Allure magazine’s “best of” list, we are bringing you 3 chic ways to incorporate runway trends into you everyday hair.

Gonzalo Ceron of Ceron Hair Studio brought the runway dreams to the real world to us by creating three off-the -runway looks that any girl can rock. The first look very super slick yet kind of girly in the back. Then the glamor girl, just very, sexy girl very loose thirdly for more of an occasion, a pouf top with a black ribbon. We saw a lot of hair accessories on the runways and a black ribbon is a chic, easy way to incorporate that look this season.

Tell us about hair for the Spring / Summer and what aesthetic you were focusing on for us?

G Ceron: “For this year, basically, because we’re starting right now spring and summer, every hair is so unkempt. It’s very, very loose, very messy, very just boho chic back again. Believe it or not, it’s back  Every show was very unkempt. A lot of ponytails, just easy. It’s back. It’s spring and summer, it’s so easy and fresh. Here I definitely have to keep going with that California Blond. The very define roots, very light ends. I totally continuing seeing that a lot. I continue to say unkempt, but it’s pretty much unkempt hair. The texture of the hair is still very beachy, very loose, or very very slick back for conditioners and type of things that you use during the summer, during the spring, but it’s a look that works for all hair colors”.

Ceron, tell us what would be your advice for girls who want to incorporate the runway looks into their everyday lives, what tips would you give them?

G Ceron: They were so wearable. Except one or two shows that were very dramatic, everything was so wearable. Oh my god, everything was really, like I said, very unkempt, easy to do, incredibly easy to do. There was nothing that you could not do. Maybe just get up in the morning and spray. I always think Americans, they’re very easy on the hair. They’re very organic. English, they’re very punk-ish. Always they’re going to have some kind of punks look in there. French, they’re very refined, and Italians, they’ve become a little organic, like Americans.




More about Ceron:

Gonzalo Ceron began his career in Paris, France under the tutelage of famed color master and high fashion stylist Jean Saberny. Saberny is known for his innovative looks shown on the runways of famed fashion power houses Yves Saint Laurent, Christian LaCroix, and among others, Emmanuel Ungaro.

His incredible portfolio includes the pleasure of styling some of the world’s most recognized and sought after women: Cindy Crawford, Lauren Hutton, Becca Cason Thrash, and Vera Wang. His effortlessly chic style continues to earn the acclaim of his high profile clients who are regularly photographed and seen on Best Dressed Lists the world over. Visit Ceron at Ceron Hair Studio.


Videography: Scott Marett

MUA: Tarik El-Bjerimi

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