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Style is a universal language, spoken by all walks of life. From your school teacher to your favorite celebrity, fashion is more than just clothing, its a lifestyle. What you wear is an indirect way of telling people exactly who you are without saying a word. It’s your voice! And the beauty behind style is the ability to make it your own.

Your style should speak for itself. Creative and Unique in its own right. Take a look at american designer Jeremy Scott or pop superstar Pharell Williams. They have both taken their image and created cultures behind their individual approach to fashion. Not because they followed the newest “trends”, but because they stayed true to themselves. Who knew an eclectic wing design sneaker would introduce avant-garde fashion and art to the masculine world of sports and hip hop. Or a vintage Vivienne Westwood Buffalo Hat would create a new generation of the brim wearing gentleman.

Today’s fashion is all about individuality. Self expression. Use style as a creative outlet to showcase your character, highlighting your diversity. Style is one aspect in our lives that we have full control over, so have fun with it. Always take risks. Be Bold! Be Over-the-top! But most importantly, Be You!

Phil Keophaphone – H|K Style Group



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