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I want to thank you all for reading my introduction into Off 29th. I truly believe that fashion is a lifestyle! Therefore, no matter your bank account or age, and every walk of life inbetween, style is a culture that can be created by anyone! I’m so excited to share my words with you! And I hope to encourage & influence every reader that comes across my works! Thank you, and may you enjoy!

Let’s start off with THE MOST VITAL key part when its comes to being successful with your wardrobe. First, and MOST important, is fit! Fit is the key essential piece to making every garment look flawless. Rather its a designer gown for the red carpet, or a white t-shirt & jeans, the proper fit can take an outfit from classy to trashy.

Not every one is a size S or 30 W, so in order to flatter YOUR shape, remember to always compliment YOUR best features. If you feel like your too thin, wear garments that have flare and add volume. And if your someone with more curves, wear things that are high waisted that assentuates the smallest part of torso. Remember to always stay comfortable in the skin your in! No matter what you want to wear, make sure that it is as appropriate in fit as it is for the occassion. Presentation speaks volumes about the seriousness that you take yourself!

Style is NOT about the sizes, or the designers & latest trends! It is a walk of life that has no boundaries and no right or wrongs. No matter how big or small, short or tall you may be, remember that your style is solely YOURS! Take the ownership that it deserves and explore this “Free World of Fashion” with an open mind and heart. Have Fun! And enjoy every part of your creative exploration. Be the beautiful person you were created to be. Be GREAT! BE HAPPY! But oh so important….BE STYLISH!

– Fre$h Phill¥ • H|K

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