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Vitor Cavalcante – Cakes by Vitor

Photo: David Tessaro

Inspired by a long lineage of talented bakers and his passion for cooking shows & competitions, New York City based baker Vitor Cavalcante has truly come into his own, with the launch of Cakes by Vitor. Hailing from his hometown of Cristino Castro in Brazil’s Northeast region and now settled in the heart of New York City’s Hell Kitchen. Vitor has channeled his love for preserving Brazilian culture by cultivating his unique spin on traditional cakes and sweet fare from around the region. A purest at heart, Vitor sources the majority of his unique ingredients from his home country. When he’s not in his studies, you can find Vitor in his kitchen creating his one of a kind masterpieces for his clients. Inspired by art, Vitor pushes the boundaries of color theory, design, and flavor in his baking. His work effortlessly commands attention at the table that keep guests coming back for more and more. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the ambitious young baker to discuss his inspirations, brigadeiro’s, and so much more.

When did you start getting into baking?

I began to have an interest in baking when I was a child. My aunt baked cakes often and I always loved to help her. The cakes that she baked were very simple because the city in which we lived in did not have many resources. Despite this, I was still able to learn the fundamental baking skills that would serve as the foundation of my training.

Photo: David Tessaro

Your cake designs are absolute works of art Vitor, What inspires you? 

Thank you for the wonderful compliment. It means so much to me that you view my work as art. My cakes are inspired by my Brazilian culture, especially in flavor. One of my favorite parts of the baking process is speaking with the customer to determine their goals for the cake. This helps me outline my design process and also select the flavor profile for the cake. When I work with fruit, I love to create symmetrical designs on top of the cake. My cakes are unique because the majority of the ingredients that I use are imported from Brazil.

Have you been formally trained as a baker?

Growing up, I would watch countless hours of baking shows and competitions. This inspired me to enroll in baking classes while living in Rio de Janeiro at 21 years old. I spent time taking classes to learn skills that appealed to me most and continue to learn new skills to give my customers the best possible creations.

 Photo: David Tessaro

Vitor, what is a brigadeiro and what makes yours so unique? 

Brigadeiro is a Brazilian dessert made with condensed milk and chocolate powder. These ingredients are then rolled into spheres and coated with chocolate sprinkles. I bake many different flavors of Brigadeiros, including classic chocolate, churro, and coconut flavors.

Photo: David Tessaro

Tell me a bit about your process. Do you conceptualize each cake prior to baking?

After speaking with the customer to determine their wishes for the cake, I like to sketch out the design on paper to ensure that the customer’s ideas come to life. The sketching process allows me to create a roadmap for the construction of the cake.

Photo: David Tessaro

What has been your most challenging bake thus far?

The most challenging cake that I’ve baked was a four-tier chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache and colored with a blue gradient. This cake was topped with 20 handmade chocolate spheres made from white chocolate. This cake took 12 hours over two consecutive days to fully construct.

Photo: David Tessaro

What advice to you have to for aspiring bakers?

I believe that it is very important to critique your own work while appreciating how far you’ve come. Take each new creation as a challenge to improve and refine your skillset. Invest in yourself by continuing to enroll in baking classes that will help you set yourself apart from other bakers. Finally, always be open to accepting feedback on your work and learning from your mistakes.

Photo: David Tessaro

What are some of your favorite flavor combinations? 

My favorite flavor combinations are dark chocolate cake with tres leches filling. These two components pair beautifully with a jelly made from strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Any tips for our readers on cake decorating? 

First, you must understand your own artistic style. Browse cakes from your favorite cake designers and use them as inspiration to create cakes with your own personal touch.

Photo: David Tessaro

Where can people find you online?

Instagram: @cakesbyvitor

Facebook: Cakes by Vitor

Email: vitor@cakesbyvitor.com

What do you like enjoy most in your work?

I enjoy the decorating process the most. This allows me to bring my ideas to life to create beautiful art pieces. I love seeing each customer’s excitement to take their cake to their event.

Photo: David Tessaro

Lastly Vitor, what do you know for sure? 

I know that I will overcome any obstacle that is thrown my way. My passion for art and baking will forever drive my desire to leave a lasting impression on every customer that I meet.

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