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THE INNOVATOR: Dr. Marvin Singh talks Precisionomics

THE INNOVATOR: Dr. Marvin Singh talks Precisionomics

Precisionomics Founder Dr. Marvin Singh Is Riding the Next Wave of Personalized Healthcare

“Be on top of your health instead of underneath disease. Practice well-care instead of sick-care.” Those are the mottos that Dr. Marvin Singh lives by. The renowned gastroenterologist and wellness concierge is at the forefront of precision medicine, having coined the term “Precisionomics” to define his groundbreaking approach to preventative healthcare.

“Precisionomics is the next generation of healthcare and a brand new way of looking at your health and longevity,” Dr. Singh explained. “The science and technology are here and available that now allow us to take the concept of precision medicine and actually practice it. Most people still think going into the doctor’s office for their annual physical to get some bloodwork and an EKG done are all they need to get a clean bill of health, but the truth is that this is such a superficial clean bill of health.”

He continued, “The Precisionomics approach to health is precision medicine to the max. It involves looking at a wide variety of things like your genes, gut health, immune system, environment, chromosomes, and putting this all together with the most advanced imaging forms to screen for cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. When you can look at your health in this way, then you can make changes in your life that can truly impact your long term health!”

Dr. Singh was inspired by his own personal health journey to founding Precisionomics. While working at the prestigious John Hopkin’s University, he said he felt lost in the practice of medicine. “I felt we were really good at doing certain things like saving someone’s life when they were dying or helping them treat their cancer or making a diagnosis of things but those patients aren’t all patients and they are not even the majority of patients. The majority of patients are those who have chronic illnesses that just get passed around from doctor to doctor with frustration because they aren’t getting the help they need,” Dr Singh told LaPalme. “I began to question: Is this really me as a doctor?”

Following a colleague’s advice, Dr. Singh enrolled in a fellowship at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine in Tucson, Az. “After the first month of training in the program, I felt like a breath of fresh air was blowing into my body,” he said. By immersing himself in yoga, tai chi and chi gong, and mindful eating and the study of nutrition, Dr. Singh returned home rejuvenated and determined to continue with the lifestyle changes that he had made during the program. After he lost 30 pounds in three months, Dr. Singh began using this new approach with his patients and seeing remarkable results.

“It was a transformative time for me,” Dr. Singh said. “There is so much more to medicine than what we see on the surface, and what we learn in medical school. The patient in front of you is not just a subject, they actually are a human being that has feelings and emotions and eats and drinks and has certain behaviors and lifestyle issues. If we don’t pay attention to that, we are going to miss a huge piece of the puzzle.”

This revelation launched Dr. Singh’s foray into precision medicine. While he believed that integrative medicine was a great way of delivering healthcare, he sought to discover how it could be done best. “I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could look at somebody’s genes, their microbiomes, their sensitivities, their exposures, their toxic exposures, their lifestyle parameters and take all that information and put it together so we can give advice on what they should eat, how they should live, how they should exercise, what supplements they should be on and these are the things we are going to follow going into the future so that we have them staying on top of their health. From there, the idea for The Precisione Clinic was born.”

Dr. Singh went on to found The Precisione Clinic in Encinitas, Ca., where he and his team of board-certified medical doctors analyze, evaluate, educate, guide and coach their patients through the process of health and wellness. There are three different levels of care offered to patients at The Precisione Clinic. “The three different levels depend on how deep into Precisionomics you want to go,” Dr. Singh explained. “The first level is very comprehensive. It’s whole body imaging, body composition, heart scanning, brain scanning, you want your whole genome sequenced and your microbiome and all the integrative medicine testing. That’s when we do the maximum.”

“The next level would be if you don’t want the imaging but we do all the genomics and testing,” he continued. “The third level would be if you just want to get started in health and have nutrients levels assessed. We’ll check things like your telomere length which is a marker for your chromosomal age. You may be 25 but your chromosomes might say you are 35 so that gives us a clue that something is going on that we need to work on. We’ll look at your microbiome, food sensitives, environmental exposures, mitochondrial function, and anything else that’s applicable. Precisionomics means different things for different people and it’s adaptable to the person based on their desires and needs. That’s what is so great about it. You can do whatever is best for you at this time but the point is, do something.”

Inspired to share his pioneering approach to precision medicine with the world, Dr. Singh is in the process of penning a book about his findings titled, “Own Your Health.” “This book is going to teach people about the importance of being able to understand your body and listen to the cues of your body and learn what kind of investigation you can do for your health. It will help you understand it on a higher level so you can make meaningful changes in how you live and how you eat and what supplements you may or may not take to stay on top of your health,” Dr Singh said. “This is what I did for myself. What I did for myself was Precisionomics. I just didn’t know I was doing it at the time so it’s really a book for everyone.”

For more information on Dr. Marvin Singh and The Precisione Clinic, please visit precisioneclinic.com.