Robyn Newmark, the founder of Newmark Beauty, began her career at 16 as a makeup artist when she was first discovered by two Redken runway educators who hired her on the spot that day. Two years later, she had culled the knowledge and passion necessary to lay the foundation for NewMark Beauty. 

Today, Robyn is a leading expert and educator in the beauty industry and specializes in permanent cosmetics, eyelash extensions, skincare, exosome regenerative therapies. NewMark Beauty strives to bring the newest technologies that beauty has to offer to achieve beauty that lasts. 

How would you describe the NewMark Beauty philosophy? 

My philosophy is centered around how to achieve long-lasting, sustainable beauty. My treatments are for everyone but are particularly appealing to busy, on-the-go people who do not have a lot of time to fuss on their regimen. I focus on treatments that bring permanent to semi-permanent solutions so people can have beauty that lasts. Outside of work and family, people only have so much time left for self-care rituals. So I teach my clients about our professional treatments and how to implement them into their skincare routine.

Everyone calls you the Hollywood beauty guru! What sets you apart from others in this industry? 

Honestly, I am truly flattered to be called the Hollywood beauty guru, considering the incredible knowledge and talent in this city. I hope what sets me apart from others is that my mission for clients and students is to bring out someone’s full potential. It is not about me at all. I can see beauty where others cannot and celebrate all ethnicities and artistic expressions. I approach all my clients with compassion, and thus they come to me with their imperfections and leave feeling uniquely beautiful, celebrating their strengths. Their beauty already existed; I just help make it visible. 

What do you love about being a beauty educator? 

Had others not taken the time to show me the way I would not be where I am. I do not just teach my students a technique and leave them to fend for themselves. I also supply to all my students and professionals and offer business coaching every step of the way. Also, as a distributor, I provide high-quality products so my students can bring their clients’ beauty that lasts. Being an educator allows me to pass on the magic of this amazing industry, and the beauty industry has allowed me to wrap all my skills into one package. I love that I am at a place in my life where I can help others build their careers. Watching my students succeed means a lot to me; I even hope they surpass me because then I can learn from them too. When I graduated college with my art degree, I was earning a living as a makeup artist in Hollywood. People became my canvas and I realized there were other aspects to this job that I loved; Thus my practice began. I love that there are no limitations to the creativity and variety in this field. I truly love everything about this business. The places I have gone and the people I have met along the way have surpassed my wildest dreams. I am fulfilled in my career and hope to help others feel the same way. 

What do most people not know about their skin?

I think most people just focus on their face, since it is usually the first thing people see. But our skin is an incredible organ that we can utilize to eliminate toxins and deliver nutrients to our body. People already know we can absorb toxins through skin but they should also start thinking about their skin as a vital part of their immune system. Also wear sunscreen all over your body, not just your face! 

How is Procell therapy different from other skincare procedures? 

Procell was voted #1 for best micro-needling device by Dermascope in 2018 and 2020. It is innovative in that it gets big results for anti-aging without damaging the skin. Microchanneling is the technique used to deliver clean vertical channels into the skin rather than dragging it or damaging the skin with rollers. Microchanneling can be used anywhere on the face, and even on the scalp and body. After channeling into the skin, a stem cell serum is delivered that is derived from human bone barrow containing growth factors and hyaluronic acid. To produce new skin, we trick the skin into thinking it is damaged. With the magic of Microchanneling, the client’s skin is healed in two hours because Procell has a gentle and consistent approach that delivers permanent results. My celebrity clients love it because they can get back to work quickly and keep their skin looking fresh after only a few hours of downtime. Procell has been a game-changer for my business and for my skin. 

Epilfree, one of the beauty services you offer, is a hair removal procedure that is very popular, especially with men. What do people love about it? 

People love Epilfree because it is simple, 100% natural, and works on all hair types, even blonde and grey hair. People want to look their best, but they also want something that works and is safe. Epilfree is as easy as getting a wax job, and there is minimal downtime. A lot of my clientele are men. I clean up their brows, ears, nose, neck, not to mention their back and chest. Men truly have an uphill battle with unwanted hair, but after several sessions, we can eliminate unwanted hair forever. I never wax without Epilfree anymore because it is proving to be the most effective method of permanent hair reduction since laser removal. It is also safer than tattoos! My clients love the results. 

Can you give us a tip that we can easily implement into our beauty regiment? Use toner. I spray my recovery toner multiple times a day on my face, neck, and exposed skin. The pollution and free radicals in the air alone are breaking down our skin. Plus, you then also smell lovely! 

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Photos by Sequoia Emmanuelle  

Makeup by: Justin St Clair using Bite Cosmetics 

Hair: Brando Horsley-Thompson