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Global Cannabinoids: Revolutionaing Health, Beauty and All Industries

Global Cannabinoids: Revolutionaing Health, Beauty and All Industries

Global Cannabinoids is the number one producer, manufacturer, and distributor of wholesale CBD & hemp-derived CBD extracts in the world. Along with its website, GlobalCannabiniods.io, Global Cannabinoids has become the largest bulk and wholesale B2B online distribution platform for bulk and wholesale, American-grown hemp-derived cannabinoid products with a database of over 70,000 customers that includes the leading medical marijuana brands, nutraceutical companies, veterinary industry, personal care, skin care companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies who are using CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and other hemp-derived cannabinoids in many product formulations and research and development. Global Cannabinoids have also announced a CBD+ CBG hand sanitizer. The antibacterial hand sanitizer includes hemp-derived cannabinoid raw ingredients and finished products. “It’s really exciting to know that everything we are doing is helping to drive innovation, knowledge, and science in the industry,” states Global Cannabinoids’ Chief Business Developer Ryan Lewis. “I always looked at it like, ‘Hey marijuana, you can have your THC, I’m interested in the other 99 things. That’s the story of Global Cannabinoids.” 

Global Cannabinoids’ Chief Business Developer Ryan Lewis

Industry Insider

With advances in the CBD industry happening quite regularly, everyone is looking for the next big thing, and one of those things might be nano-syllables. “People are coming into the industry and trying to find something that hasn’t really been done,” Lewis states before he goes on to say, “We have our own types of nanoformulations that work and I’m partnering with the only company in the cannabis industry that has an entire portfolio of patients approved around the stability and shelf life of a nanoformulation.” Ryan states that Global Cannabinoids and its partners have figured out that there are only a few ingredients that can actually stabilize CBD and make it shelf-stable so that it can actually be distributed. He also partners with many companies that specialize in R&D. “We’re spearheading the research and development of some various drugs by providing the cannabinoids; it requires the pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids which we have, Ryan explains, “I have CBD and cannabinoid products that have been through trails at Princeton University, for example.”

Ryan states that, “CBD is really just the tip of the iceberg as far as what cannabinoids can do,” and as Glodabl Canabiniods continue to develop a market for them and consumer demand for these other cannabinoids really starts to pick up by showing what they can do (whether it’s achieving a state of REM through CBN or unparalleled pain relief with CBC). “These are plant-based compounds doing amazing things and who doesn’t want a plant to help you over pharmaceutical drugs?” asks Lewis. 

The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies 

Lewis just finished a book entitled The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies, where he talks about some of the things to look for when buying a CBD product. There is also some insight from some of the top names in the industry; “I had the opportunity to interview some of the pioneers of the industry such as Raphael Mechoulam, who we asked really specific questions to; he wrote a chapter for us as well.The book also features Rick Simpson and everyone knows about Rick Simpson Oil. I thought it would be a fun book that gave people some basic knowledge and information as well as and some insight from top names in the industry.” All proceeds from The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies will go to Ryan’s dear friend Tracy Ryan’s non-profit, Saving Sophie, which aid in the study of brain cancer in children. globalcannabinoids.io