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Made By Pilates with Jamie Ehrlich

Made By Pilates with Jamie Ehrlich

Jamie Ehrlich spent years sculpting models and execs in NYC, now the LA native is bringing it back to where it all began. After building her career over 15 years, the sought after fitness pro opened her first SoCal studio, “Made By Pilates,” in Highland Park this December.  

Jamie’s West Coast style can be described as faster paced and more intense while rooted in the foundations of classical Pilates. At her studio, you can expect a workout that is both challenging yet fun, and full of sweat! Jamie gets to know each client on a personal level to fully understand what they are looking for. Her focus is on achieving results specific to each client’s goals: slimming and toning, athletic performance, gaining strength, or just a great full-body workout.  

Jamie’s 2,000 square-foot space houses a stylish lounge and a group workout room with Allegro 2 reformer machines. For those seeking one-on-one time, there’s also a private studio equipped with a Balanced Body Cadillac reformer and more state-of-the-art gear.  

LM: What drew you to that location in Highland Park? 

JE: I was looking for a neighborhood with a strong community feel, walkable, with cool places for my clients and me to enjoy before and after class. We received such a warm welcome from the neighborhood and all the small business owners around me. Not to mention, this area has some of the best food in LA.  

LM: How have your experiences in Silicon Valley and NYC shaped your teaching style? 

JE: I describe my style as contemporary and more athletic while still rooted in the foundations of classical Pilates. Besides being a business owner and instructor, I am a Pilates connoisseur. I love checking out other studios and instructors and have gained so much inspiration from doing so in every city I visit.  

LM: What is your top piece of advice for those who want to stay motivated and stick to their New Year’s resolutions?  

JE: Find a workout you like. For me, that’s Pilates. The best workout is the one you will actually do. If it feels like a chore or you don’t see results, it is easy to give up.  

Book a spot in a group workout online here or schedule a one-on-one session by emailing info@madebypilates.com

Made By Pilates, 117 North Avenue 59, L.A., 90042; classes available between 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily