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The Best Kept Secret In Aesthetics, meet Dr. David Shamouelian

The Best Kept Secret In Aesthetics, meet Dr. David Shamouelian

Have you ever just connected instantly with someone and known from the start you could put your trust in this person’s hands? Dr. Shamouelian rises to this pedestal. After knowing him for the past couple of years, I have gotten to witness his compassion and experienced talent in action.  Not just any Plastic Surgeon, but one of the top in Beverly Hills, CA.

One of my favorite procedures he does is called the Silhouette Instalift, and I am fortunate enough to be able to share with you some of the successes and reasons why this procedure might be right for you.

So what is an instalift?The Silhouette InstaLift meets an unmet anti-aging need. Until now, no minimally invasive method for lifting and repositioning the subdermal (underlying) tissue of the face has been available. Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally-invasive solution that delivers an excellent option for patients who don’t want to undergo a traditional facelift or deal with the ongoing maintenance required with injectables three to four times a year. The procedure helps to increase and restore volume to the mid-face and cheek area for a natural-looking, more youthful appearance.

I asked Dr. Shamouelian who benefits from these procedures, and I wanted to know if men can see the same excellent results as women? “Both men and women are excellent candidates for the instalift!” he says, “Many men also see the signs of aging in the mirror and can benefit from the lifting capacity of the instalift.”

Great news, but now to the heart of everyone’s concern, realistically what are your patients feedback on the recovery time after this procedure? “The great majority of individuals do very well after the procedure. The most common observation is the sensation of tightness where the lift is performed, and this tends to dissipate over the first 2-3 days. There is minimal pain overall. The most common concern after the procedure is bruising which is usually easy to conceal with makeup.”

When is it better to do a surgical lift instead of this non-surgical approach? Dr. Shamouelian says, “This is a difficult question to answer on many levels. It depends on each situation – the extent of aging, expectations for the anticipated result, and the amount of downtime one can tolerate. Speaking in broad strokes, the most common candidates for a surgical facelift are typically over the age of 40-55 years, expect a more pronounced and long-lasting rejuvenation, and can commit a couple of weeks for the healing process. Most people who undergo a surgical facelift feel comfortable to step out within two weeks, but “red-carpet ready” in about 6-12 weeks.”  The best part, it is less than a day procedure.

The instalift usually is performed in the office setting with a local anesthetic and is generally completed within 90 minutes.  Dr. Shamouelian cares, and his biggest goal in preparation for his patients is to reduce the risk of bruising after the Instalift. He suggests stopping medications such as aspirin, naproxen, and other blood-thinning medications two weeks before the procedure.   Best results, best downtime optimization is to perform the instalift on a Thursday afternoon, and he recommends one day off from work. By the time individuals return to work on Monday they are in excellent condition, looking refreshed and more youthful!

A considerable part of the patient appeal is that the outcome is immediate, with results getting better over time. The average cost of the procedure: pricing varies by geographic region and the number of sutures.

On average, the fee for Silhouette InstaLift is $3,500 vs. the average cost of a facelift of $12,000, according to Real Self.

For more information: Dr. David Shamouelian | allurebh.com