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Luxury Liquid Gold, Bee Powered

Luxury Liquid Gold, Bee Powered

From natural skincare to internal body care, honey you need some of this. If you don’t know the Queen of Bee’s, Carly Stein you should. Carly founded a company called Beekeepers Naturals in 2015.  She is an incredibly savvy and inspiring 27-year-old Goldman Sachs trader turned Bee Whisperer. Carly is on a mission to save the bees and educate people on the integral role they play in our food and eco-system. She is a beekeeper herself who developed an innovative bee-made nutraceutical product line that provides effective, natural solutions to help fight illness, allergies, and poor nutrition.

No wonder celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz love B. Powered Super Food Complex. It is one of my favorites in this line of superfoods. You can use it as a facial mask as well as eat it. The anti-inflammatory, this rich enzymatic formula will leave your face dewy, moisturized and tighten pores. All you need to do is combine a tablespoon of B. Powered with a splash of water for a liquid gold face mask with major beauty boosting properties.

B Powered is made up of Royal Jelly and is packed with fatty acid 10-HDA that fights free radical damage. Propolis is a key ingredient for dramatically locking in skin’s moisture and fights acne-causing bacteria. Bee Pollen another skin healing ingredient tightens pores and is rich in amino acids and when consumed builds supple skin, hair & nails. Last but not least is its Raw Honey content, a natural humectant, thwarts acne, reduces scarring, balances skin PH, put simply this honey keeps you glowing. From the hive to your belly this superfood is packed for performance. Royal jelly for the brain, pollen for protein. Isn’t it time you activate your body+mind and promote optimal performance? For more information: beekeepersnaturals.com