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Skin The Revolution, Which Side Are You On?

Skin The Revolution, Which Side Are You On?

In the morning light the saying “beauty is skin deep” is soberingly honest.  Our skin tells us so much about ourselves internally and externally, To understand those messages can be a daunting task.  I set out to find a few knowledgeable experts who could shed some light on eternal beauty.  It is safe to say these celebrity estheticians I sat down with not only know their craft but live the lifestyle of longevity and exude anti-aging at its best.  

Los Angeles is the land of endless beauty treatments and anti-aging technologies, how or when you use these treatments can make a huge difference in your body’s response.  My first stop was in Venice, CA. 


Highly sought-after skincare expert and fine artist, Alexandra Wagner, has been operating her exponentially growing business for over 15 years. Her little luxe boutique spa in Venice Beach is a fantastic momentary escape from LA’s hustle and bustle right on the famous Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Her clients range from celebrities to local Venetians. Her schedule is booked weeks in advance because everyone wants to experience Alexandra’s healing hands, which will leave your skin cleansed and effortlessly glowing. She receives high praise from her grateful clients, as well as numerous media outlets, including Vogue, InStyle, W, and Goop.

My own facial with Alexandra did not disappoint. It coincided with an event I had that evening and I almost rescheduled but was assured even after this very intensive treatment, I would be red carpet ready and glowing.  What most appealed to me about Alexandra was her gentle demeanor and her thoughtful approach to her individualized care for each client.  She really listened to me and then turned that assessment into an effective treatment. We decided upon a cleansing facial with microcurrent. She explained her methods as she went along and energetically shared the special ingredients in the products she used. 


Alexandra has created the White Tiger Collection, a new line of advanced skincare products based on her signature white turmeric and tiger grass plant stem cell complex. The line combines a careful balance of active and natural ingredients to hydrate, brighten and transform the skin.

In developing this collection of cleanser, exfoliant, and serum, Alexandra merged her passion for natural ingredients and her understanding of advanced skincare technology allowing the natural beauty of each her clients skin to shine through. Oh, and can I mention, exquisite pleasure in their daily application! Folks this line is a winner.

Alexandra Wagner – White Tiger Collection



Offering a completely different experience with sweeping ocean views I set my sights on visiting Beven Sangi,  her ocean retreat was certainly one of the best California day spa experiences I could have hoped for.  Equal parts knowledgeable celebrity facialist and expert skincare specialist, Beven walked me through her methodology, a deep cleansing and skin restoring routine.  It is no wonder she is called endlessly to mentor young women coming into the skincare business. Longevity is Beven’s specialty and she does not limit herself when seeking the best for her clients.  Always learning and sharing that knowledge through healing hands.

I instantly felt at ease and completely fell into a relaxed state looking out at those ocean views while she discussed how she would approach treating my skin.  Arrive early and get to experience ocean view relaxation with amazing teas and treats. I was pretty stressed the day I arrived, but can honestly say I took a little snooze while getting massaged and masked.  Beven’s touch was gentle and effective.

My skin was smooth, luminous and firm for weeks after! Her comment to me was “self-care is a choice we should all make”. I agree taking time out to have a professional cleanse, exfoliate and treat your skin can make a long-term difference in how you will age.  Trust that Beven will help you on that journey.

Both of these expert professionals are by appointment only, I recommend booking them in advance for the excellent care and optimal experience.  Join the revolution of anti-aging divas. Luxury skincare and skincare treatment is worth your consideration. Choose you, indulge a little!



Beven Sangi – Facialist to the stars


Written by: Coleen Janeway
Founder of SkinFoodBodyLove