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Dancing Away with Jordan Fisher

Dancing Away with Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher is dancing away and stealing our hearts. The star recently took home first place on Dancing with the Stars’ 25th season with his dance partner Lindsay Arnold. But he’s no stranger when it comes to dancing you may have recently seen him on the Tony Award-winning Broadway show Hamilton and on  Grease: Live. He released his latest sing Mess back in October and showcases the smooth R&B sound that Jordan has made his own. His single was co-written by Jordan, Dewain Whitmore, Patrick “J-Que” Smight and Mike Sabath. We got a chance to catch up with the busy star to see how is Dancing with the Stars tour is going and to see what projects he has coming up.

Funniest/craziest thing that happened while you were practicing for Dancing with the Stars?

We had a lot of ups and downs in this show, but every day we had fun together. Our craziest moment was probably trying to rehearse for the semi-finals and the finale when I had a tweaked knee and a torn cornea.

What was one of the hardest tricks/moves you had to learn?

One move that Lindsay wanted to try for many weeks is one that you see in the freestyle and the fusion dance. In the dance, Lindsay grabs the back of my head and flips me over her shoulder. I kept thinking that looks crazy! Lindsay assured me that it was actually an easy move. Eventually I agreed to try it. At least twice I chickened out, but eventually, I decided to just go for it. When I did, it seemed like the easiest move that I have ever done. It was just the mindset of getting past the nerves.

What was the best advice you received when you started Dancing with the Stars?

Best advice I received before starting the show was to have fun and be an open book. Be who you are and hope that America will get to know the real you and root for you; shed tears if you have to, show fatigue and all the emotions that come to you in the moment. I took that advice and luckily America supported me and voted.

You and your girlfriend are relationship goals. How excited was she when you won Dancing with the Stars and what did you do to celebrate?

We grew up together and have been best friends forever. She has been so supportive all along the way and always will be. I called her right away and she was so excited that I won. She was away at college as she is studying clinical dietetics so we celebrated together a few weeks later.

What are three things you absolutely need with you while on tour?

Video games, good books and great people around me are essential.

We love your latest single “Mess” when can we expect your next single to drop?

Very soon 🙂

What’s next on the agenda for you? Do you have any upcoming projects you can share with us?

I have a handful of projects I am working on, and they are all in development right now—excited to share when I can.

Finish this sentence: If you want to spoil me rotten. . .

Surround me with my loved ones, my dog and my house and games—and maybe throw in a spa day!

Tell us something about you that not many people know? Or might find surprising?

I am a nerd—I love anime and video games.

What is your favorite way to connect with your fans?

In person, concerts and meet-and-greets. Social media is great, but I really like to meet my fans and connect with them and get to know them.