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Ariane Andrew: MTV’s CHAMPS vs. STARS

Ariane Andrew: MTV’s CHAMPS vs. STARS

You could call Ariane a “Jill of all Trades”, because for as much work as she put in the ring (WWE Superstar Alumni) and on hit TV Show (E!’s Total; Divas) she puts just as much work into giving back to the community. Ariane works annually with the special Olympics events and supports various
organizations for children with special needs.

Since leaving the WWE Ariane is groomed, excited and perfectly poised to carve out the next chapter of her career. Ariane continues her focused drive and passion for acting as well as staying connected to her marketable brand in sports, hosting and the fitness world.

Don’t miss Ariane tonight as she competes on the new season of MTV’s The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars at 10/9c. She will be competing for $150,000 for her charity Black Girls Rock.

Tell us something about you that not many people know? Or might find surprising?
People probably don’t know that I am one of the silliest and goofiest people to be around. I don’t like to take myself so literal. I believe you should live your best life and not care what people think. People will always have an opinion and judge you, so why not just be you? I believe some of peoples first impressions are that I give off a snooty vibe, epically because I have been told my facial expressions are very intense. Then we people talk to me they are like, Wow! You’re very down to earth and really silly.
Also, I like to consider myself a “Jill of All Trades”. I am not just an entertainer or former wrestler, but I am an actress, host, fitness guru, and philanthropist.

Finish this sentence: If you want to spoil me rotten…
If you want to spoil me rotten then treat me like the Queen that I am.

Best advice you ever received?
Honestly, its advice I’ve given myself. Don’t let anyone ever tell you “No”! I really do believe when you’re resilient, focused, and driven, the Sky has no limits. I said it earlier, people will always have an opinion and people will always judge you, so why not just be you? Just, be yourself because that’s what’s original. Every original will always be more than a used copy. Lastly, it’s easy to compare your life to others and wish and dream of having what they have. Remember everyone’s journey is unique and different. Keep your eye on YOUR prize. It’s you vs. yourself. You’re you own competition.

Do you have a passion project?
My number one passion is acting. “The Sky has no Limits For Me.” There have been so many amazing things that have happened since WWE. As I stated before, I like to consider myself a “Jill of all Trades”. I am really into fitness so I am the go to girl for daytime talk show/news segments where I discuss fitness motivation as well as share tips on how to stay fit. I have made several appearances on various shows already doing that.

I also help encourage promote mental and physical health to the youth as well as the youth that are not as fortunate to have the luxuries we have. I speak with them and get them involved with fitness. I have raised money for the Union Rescue Mission by doing a fitness boot camp with my personal trainer Alice Raibon. I am super excited to compete for another charity called Black Girls Rock when the premiere of The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars airs on Nov. 21st, 2017.

I am also putting my two degrees to work by working on executive producing. I don’t want to just be the person in front of the lens but I have aspirations on being the person behind the scenes as well.

Additionally, I manage my little sister Aniyah’s commercial, print, and acting career. I take acting class every Thursday and do private coaching sessions with my acting coach Lauren Patrice Nadler at LPN Studios. I have some amazing agents that get me out on some of the best auditions. I am competing with some of the most talented actors/actresses and I’m loving every moment of it.
I am definitely very busy but must say I am very blessed to be surrounded by some amazing and supportive people on my team.

What is your favorite way to connect with your fans?
One of my loyal fans named Jake Jebraiel (@JakeJebraiel) edits my YouTube channel. I like to give back to my fans because without them there would be no Ariane Andrew. I do giveaways, write back to their mail and allow them to come along the journey with me. I have a Po Box (Po Bo 6109 North Hollywood Ca 91603) where fans can send me mail. On my website (www.arianeandrew.com) there is a page named Fan Fest which is a page dedicated to them. I also sell 8x10s which are hand personalized by me on my site as well. Additionally, I also have t-shirts on my website and through www.prowrestlingtess.com/arianeandrew where they can buy t-shirts. This also allows me to stay connected to my wrestling fans. What’s great about the tees and posters is that a portion of the proceeds go to helping my cousin Ryan White battle cancer.


Funniest/craziest thing that has happened to you while filming?
I don’t know if this is the craziest thing, but sometimes I can get really emotionally about my time within the WWE. A small spoiler alert: When I was ready to give up when filming the Challenge, I would cry and remember ultimately what I’m fighting for. It’s not easy being an African American woman in a male-dominated industry that stays true to herself and doesn’t allow herself to be sold short. It reminded me of my charity, “Black Girls Rock.” That not to sell any other race short, but I’m coming from personal experience. It’s Not just for African American girls but for all young youth to stay resilient, focused and driven because the “Sky has no Limits.” As Malcolm X said, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

What did you do in order to prepare for MTV’s The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars? 
If I am being completely honest, it all happened so quickly. One minute I was preparing to leave for my best friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid in Europe. Then the following few weeks, I was packing a bag to go stay at a hotel to compete on the Challenge for my charity #BlackGirlsRock.

You have an amazing body what is your daily routine when it comes to staying in shape?
Well thank you! I really do try to make it to work out 5x a week, but sometimes life happens and I can only train once. Typically, On Mondays I usually will spend two hours at the gym in the evenings. I like to do two hours of exercise to really jumpstart and get my week started. I’ll do a Zumba class, and then I’ll do a body works and abs class right after. During the rest of the week, depending on my schedule, I will do an hour of cardio on the treadmill, which consist of an incline of about 12- 14 at 3mph speed. I will also sometimes go to the Santa Monica stairs where I can get a cardio and legs workout in. If I am feeling fancy, in between sets I will do about 20 push-ups. Additionally, I will do my own personal barbell workout for legs and dumbbells for the arms, and then I try to see my personal trainer Alice Raibon once a week for circuit training. Lastly, I will end the week with a nice hike up Fryman or Runyon Canyon

Favorite thing to eat on a cheat day? 
I consider myself a Flexi-tarian. Since I only eat fish during the week day, on the weekend I allow myself to eat chicken and beef. I decided to eat only fish or be a flexi-terian because of animal cruelty. If I can cut down on my meet intake it helps to save some animals lives.

My guilty pleasures are some drinks (turn-up) and Mexican Food. I live for some guac, chips, and salsa. Yummy! If I’m feeling really edgy you can add a chocolate soufflé to that.

Top 5 Popping Songs to Work out to?
1. G-Eazy ft. Cardi B –No Limits
2. Quite a few song Stitches the Rapper
3. Feel Like This- Exp Edition (K-pop)
4. Trap Beckham-Birthday Chick
5. FFF (Feat G-Eazy)


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Photographer Credit: Bella Saville/Bella Saville Photography