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Get Ready to Accessorize With HiStreet

Get Ready to Accessorize With HiStreet

Accessories designer and curator Demi Thomas is a real-life girl boss. Demi cultivated her love and eye for fashion as a wholesaler in corporate America. Today she travels the world for her brand HiStreet to bring her clients the coolest trends from around the globe at a very friendly price point. We chatted with Demi about her beginnings and what she, as a savvy trend forecaster, predicts for this season.

How did you get your start in Fashion?        

I started out working for a wholesaler and corporate America. I was working part-time for a wholesaler helping them market a denim line and it was an overnight success so that’s when I knew I had a niche in the industry and a love for fashion. I opened up an accessory company and traveled abroad searching for the latest must-have fashion trends and cultivating business relationships.  Having an eye for fashion and fashion forecasting always came naturally to me.

Where did you get the name from?

It comes from a street in London called High Street everyone internationally goes there to shop.  The area has anywhere from local to international designers.  There’s something there for everyone.  You can always find a current trend or something unique.  I wanted to put a twist on the name so the millennial can relate to a younger and youthful name, so it’s spelled it HiStreet instead of High Street.

What inspires you?

Giving back to the world has been my inspiration.  I built this company knowing I wanted to do great things. I’m originally from the East Coast and when I moved to Los Angeles.  I did a lot of charity work and spent many years volunteering and helping terminally ill foster children. They did not have anyone and being there for them made me feel really good.

Does your personal style translate into your company?

Yes, I have an eye for fashion and a global style.  My appreciation for all cultures motivates me to create designs without boundaries.  If there‘s a trend in Tokyo that’s making its way to Europe, we take notice.  If it’s hot in the market you can find it at HiStreet.

How do you want women and men to feel in your pieces?

I want them to feel special like they’re in good hands and a part of the latest fashion trends effortlessly.

What are you currently obsessed with

I am in love with the perfume bag.  It’s absolute fun and my favorite fashion-forward piece right now.  Fashion is fun and my motto is to have fun with it!

What things will we be seeing in Fall / Winter or what do you think will be trending?

I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more ruffles for clothing and minimalism for jewelry a combination of fun and flair.

Top 5 Pieces You Need Before Summer Ends From HiStreet

  1. Mirrored Sunglasses
  2. Perfume Novelty Bag
  3. Light Colored Leather Bracelet
  4. Dangle Ball Drop Earrings
  5. Leather and Metal Embellished Bracelet

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