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Framing Faces with Nemiroff Design

Framing Faces with Nemiroff Design

Samantha Nemiroff is framing faces one client at a time. Her one of a kind necklaces are sure to turn heads and brighten up an outfit for any occasion. We caught up with the designer whose wearable art can be seen on some of the hottest influencers on social media and celebrities.

What is the inspiration behind your pieces?
I’m inspired by pop art, surrealism, new wave, punk rock, 80’s glam punk and Harajuku style. Non-conformist style and the idea of freedom of personal expression are what really inspire me and that is why each piece is one-of-a-kind. My style formative years were the mid 70’s through the 80’s, so my nostalgia for those times are also very inspiring.

Ricky Rebel wearing his Nemiroff Design necklace.

What materials do you work with?
I use re-purposed materials, they could be vintage to simply second-hand. I mainly use faux since I’m a costume jewelry designer, but I’ll also use metals such as brass, copper, and silver sometimes, and semi-precious stones like tigers eye etc. I like anything old which could be plastic carton caps, bottle caps, metal odds and ends that I’ve found on the street. I do prefer to work with stuff that’s already broken or missing parts because I like the idea of recycling and bringing new life to unusable junk by transforming it.

Eve Minor wearing her Lemonheads Necklace by Nemiroff Design.

Who inspires you and your work in jewelry?
People who inspire me include Madonna’s old look in the mid- 80’s, Schiaparelli’s surrealist costume jewelry, Coco Chanel who said costume jewelry was more chic than real. She understood the transformative power it has, a certain coolness. Also Judy Blame and Tom Binns for their use of re-purposing and post-punk aesthetic. Recently Lady Gaga for her daring looks.

Ysan wearing her Nemiroff Design

What is your favorite part about being a designer?
Designing is my emotional outlet. I actually feel a dissonance if I go a day without working. It distills all my nervous energy and uses it up. That’s why people have said my work has a lot of energy. My emotional energy literally goes into the pieces to create them.

Gemma Sherlock aka The Scarlet Bob wearing her necklace by Nemiroff Design.

How do you want women to feel in your jewelry?
I want women to feel empowered when they wear my work. First of all, statement necklaces frame the face, presenting it as something important and majestic. That’s one reason why elaborate necklaces have always been worn by royalty. Madonna certainly understood this and it really worked for her. It made her appear more ‘queenly’. Also when you wear one of my necklaces, they transfix people, it’s the power of art to fascinate, to hold the gaze, to cast a spell. You possess that mystique in a Nemiroff necklace.

Jessie Frye in her Nemiroff Design necklace.