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OLIVIA CULPO – So much more than a pretty face and killer body

OLIVIA CULPO – So much more than a pretty face and killer body

Olivia Culpo may very well be one of the most beautiful women in the world but she also happens to be highly intelligent, incredibly business savvy, talented, funny and someone who embodies making her voice count. At 24 years-old, she has accomplished what some only dream of with Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA and Miss Universe under her belt, world travel, philanthropy, and being an accomplished cellist. While she has been in the news and all over the fashion scene as of late as the new face of RAMPAGE, she’s joined forces with the NFL to make women’s sportswear fashion forward, has landed another lead role in an upcoming feature film, and spends her time changing the world … literally. Olivia is not another pretty face. In fact, she is so much more so we sat down with her to explore the many sides of her life and career.

LM: You recently became the face of RAMPAGE. What has been the most exciting experience so far?

OC: All of it! It’s been incredible to be a part of a brand I wore all the time when I was growing up. I’m honored to be involved.

LM: Do you have a favorite piece?

OC: I love the denim dress! It’s great for fall as a transitional piece, cool enough to get away with in summer, and you can dress it up.

LM: We wanted to talk about some of the philanthropic work you’re doing. We saw that you are the Global Ambassador now for Pencils of Promise and a Spokesperson for HIV/AIDS awareness. How did you get involved and what are some of your goals for the organizations over the next year?

OC: I started working with Pencils of Purpose at the beginning 2015. I took my first trip to Guatemala to see all of their schools and sites that they built and I even got to help build a school. It’s one of the best experiences ever. I hope to visit more of their schools and help any way I can. HIV/AIDS awareness was the platform for Miss Universe so I was fortunate enough to get involved with them that way, hearing stories and meeting so many people that are instrumental in raising awareness including those that have been affected by it. My own personal goal is to continue working with humanitarian organizations all over the world. Speaking to that platform is very special to me.

LM: Your approach to empowering women is admirable. You are making such a strong statement about beauty being more about how you can make a difference in the world than it is about appearance. What women have inspired you?

OC: So many women inspire me. Throughout my life I have been incredibly fortunate to meet powerful, amazing women. I really admire Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe. They have great careers, are moms and are successful at balancing the two. That said, I have to say my greatest admiration is for Audrey Hepburn. She was classically beautiful, her style was timeless and transcended over the years and she did so much for people and children. She started UNICEF in hopes of ending starvation and poverty. I really want to make a difference and have a voice that helps facilitate that.

LM: You’ve traveled the world. What is one of the favorite places you’ve been and where would you love to go that you haven’t been?

OC: I’d have to say the greatest place of impact for me was going to India. It’s by far my favorite trip. I love the culture, the people, the vibrant colors plus I am a big fan of Indian food! It was incredible being there in such a huge country with so many people and so much going on. It was eye opening to work with the people there and really beautiful. I would love to go to Talum. It looks so beautiful and I definitely want to stay in one of the villas on the water. That’s a dream!

LM: We read that you love to cook. What’s your favorite dish to make?

OC: When I come home, we all do a bunch of cooking. I come from a big Italian family so I invite my friends over and we make calzones and pizzas. We have a pizza oven and my favorite thing to make is actually a breakfast pizza. It has cheese, oil, pepper, 4 eggs cooked perfectly on top and then add avocado. It’s so good!!

LM: Tell us about being among the female celebrity ambassadors for the NFL Women’s Collection.

OC: They approached us for this collaboration. I was excited to put my personal flair on sportswear, supporting my favorite teams. I chose things that can be cute when dressed up. It’s been cool to see what the other girls came up with and after seeing Keke’s (Palmer) really comfy, loungy clothes, I’m a bit envious of hers!

LM: How do you stay grounded?

OC: I always come back to my roots and to my home town. I try to come home to Rhode Island, see my friends and my family often. Lucky for me I can take advantage of being on both coasts and see them a lot which I’m so grateful for. I grew up with two sisters and two brothers that I’m really close to. And, in January next year, my dad, cousin and I are opening a Restaurant near my home town called “Back 40” which I’m really excited about!

LM: In 15 years, if you can imagine looking back on what you’ve accomplished, what do you hope to see?

OC: I hope I have a sense of accomplishment and perspective to see what I’ve accomplished and really appreciate that. I don’t want to be someone wanting more and more. I would love to look back and say I did enough. There is so much I’m passionate about and as I get older, I hope to use my voice to speak about things that are personal to me. I want to impact people and hopefully make a difference.

LM: What’s next?

OV: I’m excited that now people can shop my looks for less on my platform. It’s so hard finding clothes that make you feel good about yourself and I think everyone should feel good with whatever they wear. I love being a part of helping them feel confident in their choices. Also, in October I’m shooting a movie, launching a fashion campaign and then NYFW will be the next big thing I’m gearing up for.

LM: Lastly, what is your guilty pleasure and what is something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

OC: I love ice cream! Mint chocolate chip, cookie dough or anything involving peanut butter!! Something they don’t know? I’m goofy. It’s hard to show that side of me in pictures but anyone who knows me knows how goofy I can be.

Thanks to Olivia for taking the time to give us a look into her life in front of and behind the camera. You can catch her latest fashion finds and stay up-to-date on everything she’s up to on Instagram and Twitter at @oliviaculpo

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