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Beauty Report: Davines OI Essential Haircare Line

Beauty Report: Davines OI Essential Haircare Line

When it comes to stellar haircare, it can be tough to determine what’s going to live up to the hype and which products are full of empty promises. On a search to find the best of the best for our roots and strands, it was our mission to find a shampoo and conditioner that not only fulfill their claims, but do so ethically, too. Before we knew it we came across the Davines OI Essential Haircare Line and to say we fell in love would be nothing short of an understatement. This beauty line contains not just what we set out for—a shampoo and conditioner—but a whole plethora of other goodies that are soon to be your newest obsessions.

The Davines OI Line Doesn’t Disappoint

Davines OI

Photo Courtesy of Davines

Launched in 2011, the OI/OIL ($44) was the first product of this swoon-worthy family of beauty must-haves. It’s a refined multi-purpose oil that serves as both a treatment and a styling aide. The outright success of the OI/OIL led to the creation of the bestselling OI/All in One Milk ($32) that, among many things, detangles, controls frizz, and adds softness and shine. From there the Davines OI revolution began and eventually led to the creation of the OI/Shampoo ($29) and OI/Conditioner ($36), as well as the OI Body Wash ($25), OI Body Balm ($40) and OI Hand Balm ($20). Each of the products expertly works with your hair and skin, not to mention your sense of scent–it smells seriously good!

So what makes it so great, you might ask (apart from its signature scent)? The OI product line is rooted deeply in Amazonian Roucou Oil. This particular oil is known for its ultra reparative qualities whether used on the body or hair. Within moments of use, whether you use the OI/OIL, All in One Milk or any of the other cult classics, your skin will gleam with immediate results that will make you wonder why you couldn’t have discovered these gems sooner in your beauty quest.

Happy Shopping!