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Leni’s Models Launch in Los Angeles

Leni’s Models Launch in Los Angeles

Derek Warburton, our creative director, joined forces with Leni’s Models owner Eleni Renton to welcome the agency to Los Angeles at  @EstrellaSunset. The room was filled last night. Between industry insiders and models, it was a blast. There was an Oscar winning make-up artist Valli O’Reilly Emmy winning writer Jull Kushner, Ivor Novello and Brit Nominee Jamie Hartman and this year’s Hollywood beauty award winner for best hair Wendy Iles regarding the music on the night:

Move Together (co-written w James Bay)
Human (co-written w Rag N Bone Man)

Rosi Golan singing
Think of Me
Rosi Golan – cover of My Church

Matt Simons singing Catch And Release (#1 in 7 countries)

Conrad Sewell – singing Firestone and Start Again (platinum selling artist)

Finale – cover of Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones) with guitarist Zane Carney (Guitarist for John Mayor)

Featured cocktails
HOPPED AND BOTHERED / GEM&BOLT Mezcal cucumber, rose puree, lime juice, hopped grapefruit bitters
SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK N’ ROLL/ Reposado Tequila, GEM&BOLT Mezcal, Lime, Ginger, Rosemary Honey & Nutmeg
JACKSON / Scotch, GEM&BOLT Mezcal, Ginger, Lemon



A huge thanks to @peroninastroazzurro @gemandbolt @EstrellaSunset @Eleni_renton @lenis_models


Creative Director Derek Warburton & Marissa Montgomery

Creative Director Derek Warburton & Leni’s Models Owner Eleni Renton

Assistant Online Editor Katie Golacinski with Online Editor Lauren Jeworski



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