AmpliFi is the world’s first powerful Wi-Fi system designed to eliminate the general shortcomings of today’s Wi-Fi routers specifically targeted to meet the demands of the modern, connected home.  AmpliFi was designed to serve multiple connected devices, deliver high-quality video streaming, eliminate dead spots and distribute fast internet bandwidth ubiquitously throughout the home.

Recently the people at  Ubiquiti Labs gave me an AmpliFi to play with, and I have to say it lives up to the hype! I placed the two antenna’s at opposite ends of my home and have full bandwidth at the extremes of my property line with no dead spots.

The AmpliFi unit is designed to look classy whether you choose to keep it hidden away in a closet or out in the open. You really don’t need to interact with the unit because the team at Ubiquiti have built a smart phone app that acts as your remote, providing all the information and controls at your fingertips.

I don’t normally get into reviewing products but this is one that I know comes in handy on a daily basis and has been a fantastic addition to my home and network.

One of the Two included Antenna’s to boost the signal to the extremities of your location.

The packaging is just as on point and classy as the product contained inside.



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